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This addon allows users to recolor their NODs (NVGs). The changes are accessed through addon settings.

This a spinoff of my White Phosphor mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1792394837

After releasing White Phosphor I had a few requests for changes or custom editions. This mod is an answer to those requests. NOD Colorize allows you to re-color your NODs to your exact preference. I had also seen a couple of references online where people wanted custom NOD colorization to help with certain types of color blindness so hopefully this can be helpful in that capacity.

Note that the colors you select are being mixed with the existing green hue of the NODs built into vanilla ARMA.

For more details on the settings associated with this, refer to BIS's documentation on the ColorCorrection Post Process effect: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Post_process_effects#ColorCorrections

This mod requires CBA and should be compatible with both vanilla ARMA and ACE. Note that you will see color differences when using this addon with and without ACE due to the changes ACE makes to NODs.

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I'd encourage everyone to post the settings they use to get various effects for other people to reference.



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I posted on Steam but also wanted to encourage others:


I love your mod. The cold blue was a too bright for me so this allows me to adjust the settings. Can you make this mod affect Thermals so we can set the color settings? So instead of white-hot or black hot, we can set the 2 colors such as nvg green and orange for hot? Something like this : 



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