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Thomas TKO

Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

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Vehicle & backpack Paintshop By Halv https://github.com/NRZ7/HalvPaintshop-Exile

Original Sources



I (NRZ7) only makes a few modifications to enable full compatibility with exile, changing some eternaly false conditions, commenting a few lines and making a system to save paint into Exile DB.

Install Instructions

Pack to .PBO ExileHalvPaintshop_Server

Do not use PBO Manager. Use official BI addon builder, mikero's or other tools.

Put ExileHalvPaintshop_Server.pbo to @ExileServer/addons

Merge mpmission folder with your current mission pbo

Paste addons/paintshop to addons/paintshop in your mission PBO

Merge the config.cpp with your config.cpp to add "Save Paint" action

Put the lines from InitPlayerLocal.sqf in the top of your initPlayerLocal.sqf

Put the lines from description.ext to your description.ext


Paste your textures to your mpmission or local modifications

Open /mpmission/addons/paintshop/settings.sqf

Edit the _texture array and add names and file paths to your custom images

Add somewhere in your map a building described in "_paintshopbuildings". Preefered into a Safe Zone.

If you use infistar, whitelist the ID 6666

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