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Thomas TKO

Missile warning for all vehicles

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A3WarningScript https://github.com/dulanw/A3WarningScript

Plays a sound and display warning when a rocket is locked/launched at the vehicle, any vehicle class can be blacklisted in the config files and works for all vehicles by default (except quadbikes, blacklisted as an example)



Copy the custom folder into your Exile.MapName folder.
Merge or copy the description.ext
Merge or copy the initPlayerLocal.sqf


All the settings that can be changed are inside \custom\ChaosAutoPilot\AutoPilotConfig.h


ENABLE_ALLenable it for all vehicles, ignore all the other options except blacklist

BLACKLISTvehicle classes to be blacklisted using isKindOf (blacklist subclasses) all quadbikes blacklisted by default

ALLOWEDvehicles to be included if enable all is set to false

You can change the audio file by replacing the alarm.ogg file in the custom folder (keep the same name and file format)
You can change the the volume in the description.ext "sound[] = {"custom\MWarning\alarm.ogg", 0.4, 0.8};" 0.4 being the volume and 0.8 the pitch


You can change the appearance of the dialog message inside dialog.hpp if you search for the class Attributes
and you can change the text by replacing whatever is inside text = "Missile Incoming!";

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