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This will be the intial release. Its sat on my harddrive long enough.

This retexture is designed for post apocalyptic game play and was designed specifically for the Ravage mod. They could work for a few things depending on your needs but do not necessarily fit a full Milsim scenario.


The vanilla guns look out of place as a common firearm in the post apocalyptic setting and I started with just an idea of how to get them looking more worn and rusted. Keep in mind I own guns and I realize that in some cases the rust displayed could render a real firearm inoperable so please suspend belief and enjoy the textures for how they were intended. Also please realize I am not an artist, a texture artist, or artsy at all so I am working from the bottom here. (LOL)  The real goal was to allow the vanilla guns to become the rare or military quality guns and the Rusted ones to be the default that bandits and others would spawn with. 

The vanilla guns seem out of place and this would provide some value to the vanilla gun textures and hopefully make it so that when you found one, you would get a great loot moment and dump the rusted  gun for the sweet brand new one...

I had a few moments where it felt odd to be working on crappy stuff people would want to throw away but I digress...


Whether I accomplished that is arguable as some of the early textures were fairly basic and some like EO's favorite Kir look good while others look a tad  homogenous and washed out. Since I have come back, some of the textures have improved and I think the latest batch of patchwork guns like the Mar 10 are quite decent. I have included all of the early patchwork tests in an effort to round out the package a bit and provide as much variation as possible for the gear arrays from Ravage.


There are about 45-50 guns in the package (I have since added a bunch more patchwork as pictured in the Ravage thread that are not included in initial release.)

Hopefully Armaholic will host them and from there we may see a steam release but I make no promises on when that may be... 


NOTE, There is no key right now. I may add them if needed but I am assuming that most people are playing private cooperative games in which they would not be needing keys. Change my mind. lol 😉

Edit- v0.2 has a key and is signed. Let me know if it doesn't work right. Thanks EO!


There will temporarily be a doubling  up of about  6 rusty guns until those are removed from Ravage. Haleks will remove those in the next update and this will be the only PBO for the rusted weapons

There is some discussion on how to add these to the gear pool arraysby a script or module but at this point the best way is through the gear pool arrays in the ravage module.

Edit-This is now the updated situation. Classname list will be updated to remove Ravage "exclusives" and RR only classes. Ravage will natively support the 8 Ravage weapons and RR guns can be pushed into the arrays via the gear pool.


Now v0.2///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
v1.4/          Released as Rusty Retexture v0.2 (07/13/19), Removed 8 guns that will remain in Ravage
Reset to/      REmoved Ravage  weapons[] = {"Rusty_LMG_Zafir_F","rusty_MMG_02_black_F","Rusty_MMG_01_tan_F","Rusty_srifle_EBR_F",
v0.2/           "Rusty_DMR_05_base_F","Rusty_srifle_DMR_04_F","Rusty_srifle_DMR_03_F","Rusty_srifle_DMR_02_F"};
        This version contains all current projects including latest PW guns 
        Total count in this release is 46 now due to 8 removed to stay in Ravage and addition of patchwork Variants.
        54 combined between both mods.
        38 rifles,1 Launcher, 7 pistols in RR = 46 Total. 8 Rifles in Ravage - for a combined total of 54
RR v0.1//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
was v1.3////  Released As Rusty Retexture (07/12/19), This was first public release and it also
          contained 8 guns that will remain in Ravage. So Update required.
        weapons[] = {"Rusty_LMG_Zafir_F","rusty_MMG_02_black_F","Rusty_MMG_01_tan_F","Rusty_srifle_EBR_F",
        This version had 45 Total Rifles, Pistols and the 1 launcher.



Pictures of some of the guns.














Picture of WIP patchwork that are not included in this version but may follow in an update

NOTE - These are included in v0.2








and some Project Infinite and NIArms retextures that may or not be released. Bnae was kind enough to give permission but I am not sure how that would look for the pbo release. The goal here was to make a few rare guns to find too.












Possible work that may happen, no promises


-weapon wear and jamming

-module and/or script to adjust weapons into the Ravage arrays to give the effect of rusted common weapons and rare vanilla weapons...

-release of Rusty retexture of Infinite weapons and NiArms


Download - link may be swapped out if Dropbox has a fit


Classnames  for Rusty Retexture (also updated in the addon file as the changelog.sqf), add these to the appropriate gear pool arrays that you wish. I have included Patchwork tests prefaced by the PWT tag so if you dont like those pull out the ones that start with that Classname.





Special Thanks to 

Haleks - for the glory that is Ravage

EO, Tourist, Bad Benson, Roadkill- for the great fun in our MP sessions and all the help in scripting and mission making as well as their respective mods that have helped flush out the Arma world

Kodabar - for  his dedication to the Ravage Wiki

And everyone in the Ravage thread


Thanks to everyone who contributes to the Armaverse as well. You all are to be commended and it makes this one of the greatest games of all time imo. Cheers!


Thanks to BI for the Lego pile they give me and let me learn to my hearts content!

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Beautiful work Cosmic!  Thanks.  Those pistols look especially unsafe to use.  🙂

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For some reason I'm thinking about the "Dinner in Prison" scene from Goodfellas....Henry Hill, steps into the scene with this bag of awesome ingredients, Paulie Cicero turns to him and says "now we can eat".....Thanks for being Henry Hill. :icon_biggrin:

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Just now, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:

Great stuff and variety !

Keep up the good work cosmic !  :thumbs-up:


Thanks George


Download link - updated to v0.2 that now includes all Patchwork guns up until yesterday and it is now(hopefully) signed properly


First one for next version


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Love it! Amazing work cosmic.


You'd be my hero if you released those infinite weapon re-textures... 😁

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On 7/28/2019 at 10:42 AM, acoustic said:

Love it! Amazing work cosmic.


You'd be my hero if you released those infinite weapon re-textures... 😁


Well I have some good news for you. Bnae has been kind enough to grant permission for that release as of yesterday so long as its based on the same config style mod that RR is. So it is dependant on the original and is its own mod that inherits the guns and then uses hidden selections. Unfortunately the Colt doesnt have HS so it cant be in that package. I will ask Bnae if he ever is working on that how hard it would be because I really like the Colt. Its one of the highlights imo. 

At this point I have worked for a few hours on the config and have 6 done as of now including adding the new contact DLC shotgun ammo to them.

I will mention that to Bnae because its a one line change in the config to use the ammo.


Not sure on when but it will come ...









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Some work on the Engraved R1 from Project Infinite











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and some more work . Made some headway on it yesterday. Its up to about 10.

Got it properly built as an addon and got it configured for the textures that are currently releasable based on HS.









Project Infinite - Bnae Commerative Gold Edition R1






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