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2nd Marine Division | Now Recruiting

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2nd Marine Division Realism Unit is a newly formed virtual military simulation group for ArmA III. Our goal is to emulate the Marine Corps environment as much as possible by using real-world military tactics and doctrines to achieve our goal. We use community made mods like ACE 3 and Task Force Radio (TFAR) to enhance the experience.


As a community, we are looking for those who are like-minded in trying to emulate a realistic military environment based on the “United States Marine Corps”. Those who wouldn’t mind being whatever the unit needs at the moment. Those who are willing to play in “First Person” with a minimum hud. Those who don’t mind being a unit that is just starting up and helping the unit grow.


Persistent Campaigns and Multi-Selection Operations are the two types of missions we play on as both being set up as an asymmetric warfare environment. Our Persistent Campaigns are deployment based and have a variety of that must be carried out. Everything throughout the campaign has an effect on the overall campaign in the long run. Multi Selection Operations is where you will find most members just hanging around and doing random objectives set up by a Platoon Leader or Squad Leader in conjunction with any supporting assets. In MSO the enemy forces will occupy random towns and villages along with civilians. A variety can be set up while playing MSO from a regular foot patrol, search and destroy, intel gathering, clearing out IED’s or Weapon Caches, etc.

Training Pipeline

Our training pipeline has been structured based on what is more important to us and what will be needed for new joins. There is no basic training you don’t see a need in it. If you want to know how the unit operates on a daily bases you can read our Policies and Regulations Handbook.

School of Infantry - During SOI, those who went 03xx field are introduced to the basics such as formations and radio usage then move on to things such as Maneuver and Fire Techniques and Infantry Battle Drills. Thus becoming operational ready.

Field Medical Training Battalion - During FMTB, Those who choose to go the Corpsman route will go over the basic duties of a Corpsman, Combat Casualty Care and more


2nd Battalion, 8th Marines Reg
Being the backbone of the unit, 2/8 will conduct a majority of the unit's ground-based operations and is currently our main focus. Once we get 1st Platoon full of active personnel then we begin to open up different elements in the units starting at squad/sections size.


All of our openings at the moment are based on the units needs.
- 0311 Rifleman (High Priority)
- 0331 Machine Gunner (Low Priority)
- 0341 Mortarman (Low Priority)
- 0365 Infantry Squad Leader (Medium Priority)
- HM-8404 Corpsman (Medium Priority)


- Be 16 or older
- Speck fluent English
- Have a legal copy of ArmA III
- Have a working microphone
- Have Teamspeak 3 installed


Our Official Discord[discord.gg]
Our Official Teamspeak:

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