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Thomas TKO

News on Weferlingen

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Add Base Attack from Base with Level 6

aiSetup[] = { 2, 2 }; // format: {amountOfGroups,unitsInEachGroup};
allowLaunchers = yes; // Allow/disallow AI to have rocket launchers

hasLauncherChance = 20; // In percentage. How big the chance that each AI gets a launcher

killPercentage = 100; // How much of total AI has to be killed for mission completion (in percentage)

maxAttacks = 2; // Maximum amount of active attacks at the same time | can not be turned off

minimumLevel = 5; // Minimum required level of base before it can get attacked

minimumWait = 30; // Minimum time (in minutes) to wait whilst player is present in base randomModes = yes;


CrossSword ak Shipwracks


Change Marker to no Marker , now 10 Wracks with BIG Box on Map



Add Farming Drogs , Weed and Mining

3 Player need online and time from 30-60 min Spawn with different Marked Farming places , Need Knife for Drugs and Shovel 2700 on Trader for Mining 

After Progress you have some stuff for Sell on Inventory ,

!! Marker its only 10min on Map !!


2 new Big Mission Military base 

Remove PvP Zone not need and no Player use this 


Possible Building Places

Change of the permissible building area, now 200m to the next building only possible , Large Mission Squares are still limited by building not possible . Now to the bunkers  it comes to more often  problems with the inventory its gone now you can  move only empty bunker !



Exile Container SupplyBox

Add the Supply Box on Trader , Now you have 4500 Poptaps for the Box self , maybe now Player sell the box not leave empty Boxes on Trader City


New Mission Big Mission

Rechenzentrum , Kreiswehrzentrale


Add winter Version . Do not forget the winter tires !


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