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Loot box addon by nabek

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## Overview
    This is a server side add-on mod for Arma 3 Exile servers.
    This add-on is focused on providing additional experiences around "towns" and "cities" on your preferred map.
    Majority of the functionality will work out of the box by just copying in to your server add-on directory as it reads and utilizes map data to adjust itself.
    There is no need to set anything inside your mp_mission.pbo for this add-on to work.
    This add-on has been developed to try to get players to explore towns and landmarks which often are barren in default Exile game play.
    For looting, this add-on will create a loot-box somewhere outside, or indoors of random towns. (apart from Exile loot spawn system.)
    The loot-boxes often have some random items, pop-tabs, trash which would benefit Bambi players. (There is also a module which will spawn landmine near these loot-boxes so be aware!)
    This add-on has its own vehicle spawning system which tries to spawn vehicles in a natural way. (apart from Exile vehicle spawning system.)
    There are various additional functionality this add-on supports which should provide players with some nice experiences when playing.

## Information
    * Original Japanese readme can be found at
    * Translated English readme can be found at
## Download
    Obtain add-on PBO from https://github.com/nabeky/a3_exile_lootbox/releases

## Installation
    Drop the downloaded add-on PBO file in to "@ExileServer\addons\"

## Configuration
    Configuration changes can be done by editing the config.sqf file inside the add-on

## Requirements
    * Required MODs:
        Exile MOD Server 1.0.3a/1.0.4a(Pineapple) (https://www.exilemod.com/)
    * Required Addon: 
        DMS/Defent's Mission System (https://www.exilemod.com/topic/61-dms-defents-mission-system/)

## Features
  * Spawns loot boxes in random towns
  * Magazine type items will have a random remaining amount value
  * Spawns random vehicles and aircraft's around in/near random towns
  * Spawns bandit AI in towns
  * Spawns land mines around towns
  * Spawns unusual objects, objects with fire effects randomly in towns
  * Buildings will have a random percentage the doors are open
  * Places random campfires around the map
  * Spawns travelling AI
  * Spawns "Iron Miller" AI (Invincible)
  * GPS Traps
  * Grenade Traps
  * Town invasion by bandit AI
  * Water source and concrete mixers can be placed (can be configured to be random)
  * Function to add custom location names on the map
  * Function to add desired text on the map
  * Functionality to add custom signs
  * Supports sending out server messages
  * Broken gas stations
  * Travelling Trader
  Full feature list can be found in the included "readme_**.txt".
## License & Support
    This work is protected by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) and obtaining, copying, using any of the content will mean you agree to the license included.

    Read under License & Support section of included "readme_**.txt" for info and links to legal documentation.


## Special thanks to the following for translations, ideas and technical advice.
    - yukihito23
    - Losty


## from Dev.nabek
    I have made this add-on as a small return gift to the Exile community for the endless hours I have played and enjoyed this game mode.
    This add-on was originally developed for my own Exile Server but I wish to release this to the public so other server owners are able to utilize it. I would be happy if this add-on is used somewhere in the world 😃

    I would like to ask if anyone is interested in translating the readme file (for free), such as to German, French, Russian, etc..

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wb nabeky 😉
whats up? have you finished readme english translation ? I offered my help with the Russian translation , but it was still WIP... are you still interested?

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