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[Release] Close-Quarter Combat Mission File

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I created this Mission file a few months ago. I thought id put a link here because it might include some useful information for some people who are looking to create a mission file like this. 




AuqmansCQC mission file is a simple CQC gamemode for Arma 3.
Latest Version (PBO V1.5) - https://github.com/EqualOwl/Aquamans-CQC/releases/tag/1.5)



Teleport GUI
The Teleport GUI/Dialog is simple although it will be remade in the future as it can be tricky to add more controls onto it. In the new dialog i will us a listbox instead of buttons. This makes it easier for people to add in custom spawns/areas.



Virtual Vehicle Spawner
Instead of using DNA's NMD Vehicle spawner or the built in Vehicle Spawner i made a custom Vehicle Spawner which is sorted by most commonly used vehicles first. Its easier to navigate and find a vehicle over other vehicle spawners because unlike other vehicle spawners this one is only intended for a few vehicles. You can also double click on vehicles to spawn them in.

Other Features

Respawn on Same Location
The Respawn script teleports the player back to the same location they died at. For Example if you died at OG you will automatically be teleported back to a random spawn point in OG. This means that you don't have to select OG from the teleport Dialog every time you die. If you would like to return back to spawn to chose another location you have to open up the Magazines Menu and click Spawn.

Magazine Menu
The Magazines Dialog is used to restock on Ammo when you are running low however it does not restock firt aid kits as Medkits are permanant and should be used over FAK's. Clicking the Spawn Button will teleport you back to spawn when you next die.


Virtual Arsenal
The Virtual Arsenal is limited using LARS. You Can Easily Edit the Virtual Arsenal By opening the Aquaman_Va.sqf file located inside the scripts folder.


Settings Menu
The settings menu allows the user to toggle between different features. The AutoSpawn feature allows the user to automatically respawn at their last location on death.GbKuXRV.jpg


# Wiki
https://github.com/EqualOwl/Aquamans-CQC/wiki  Includes information on how to edit spawn locations, add new locations, More Vehicles, Whitelisting Items in the Virtual Arsenal and other things. 



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This sort of reminds me of Mercenaries, back in the day.

Will check it out.


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