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Get to Know - Karel Kališ - Design Manager

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▶What do you do on Vigor?
In short, I’m responsible for the design team and gameplay aspects of Vigor. That means together with designers propose game systems and content, hand over results of our work to other departments (program, script, art, etc.) and help them bring it into the actual game. My daily routine is a mix of meetings, documentation reviews, feedbacks, communication with leads and team members, planning, some configuration and tweaks of actual game systems. Oh, and drinking coffee. 🙂


▶What is your contribution to the Vigor Team?
Well, I can wiggle my ears, but that is rather useless for game development. I was also a game journalist for over 10 years, so I have a vast knowledge of games which are useful for gathering references.


▶What do you like about Vigor?
The mix of a calm atmosphere in shelter and tension in Encounters. Also, all those small things which we are adding to make Vigor unique game experience. 


▶What do you want to see in Vigor?
Every feature we have in our post-release roadmap. 🙂  Believe me, we are planning to add some really cool stuff.


▶What do you do when you are not making Vigor?
A lot of different things. Some geeky (videogames, board games, shows, movies, and anime), some healthy (box, squash and table tennis), some cultural (concerts, opera, galleries) and some social (beer and friends). 


▶Did game dev change your view on the games and how?
Yeah, basic game dev curse – I’m trying to analyze games instead of just enjoy playing them.


▶Your favorite games, and why?
I love both narrative and system driven games. My favorite game is Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. It is an awesome adventure game with likable characters, witty dialogues and three different playstyles. Then I must mention The Legend of Zelda series – I like how it makes the player feel smart when he solves some puzzle. Bloodborne is a fantastic action RPG with a great setting and a sharp combat system. To this day I can’t forget how I finished fantastic ICO at four in the morning. Brilliant, emotional game with interesting holding hands mechanic. Also, Return of
the Obra Dinn is a super cool puzzle game with a minimalistic approach. I could go on, but this should be enough. 


▶What's your favorite music, movie, show, book, and why?

- Depends on the mood. Could be game soundtracks (Ace Combat, Persona), some rock (Foo Fighters, Nothing’s Carved in Stone), electro (Daft Punk), Czech indie (Tata Bojs) or classic (Chopin, Vivaldi)


- Indiana Jones and Last Crusade – classic adventure movie with a great actor and humor


- Red Dward – weird British sense of humor


- The Martian by Andy Weir – believable sci-fi and a real page-turner

▶Is there something that you want to say to our community?

Thank you very much for being with us on this exciting road called Vigor. While it could sometimes feel that we are not listening to your feedback, but the opposite is true and following months and updates should show it so please keep enjoying the game.


▶You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do?
Step one: find an electric generator. 
Step two: collect enough fuel. 
Step three: finish my gaming backlog.

Bonus Question - from Dominik
▶Name five of your favorite examples of game design, and tells us why.

Hmm, a rather tricky question. 
The first could be Tetris – simple, straightforward rules, but endless fun. 
Then shooting paint in Splatoon – I like how this core system is turning classic shooting game upside down. Also, kid/squid switching is really smart. 
Of course, first seconds from Super Mario Bros. is something that I need to mention – you can teach player game basics with just a few cleverly placed blocs and enemies. 
Number four: shield regeneration in Halo – a great way how to keep player in action longer without removing the tension of death. 
And the last one could health system in Metal Gear Solid 3 – well, it rather sucked that it was done through the in-game menu, but the actual idea of regeneration from food and different types of injuries added interesting survival feel to classic stealth game.

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My question is... Do we have any new info on what the "rework" to the combat system is? I'm super excited to see the progress of the fighting in Vigor. 


The other thing is I feel the weakness of the combat in vigor is how fluent the running to shooting is. E.g. when running in tpp and aiming to fpp it can cause issues such as blanks etc. I think if there was a system when running to shooting to running again was more fast/fluent I would be happy with the fighting. Just my spin on it. You guys will probably come up with a better idea coz so far the progress of the game has been amazing to be apart of. Just want to say thank u for ur hard work and can't wait for the future bro♥️

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