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"#debug console" command

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I'm having an headache understanding how the command "#debug console" works.


I need to print what's on server's console, realtime, is this possible? Reading the biki, there are two commands that capture my attention:

"#debug n" (where n is a number of seconds) and "#debug console". I've tried all sort of combination of these two (also running them from the server using the alternative syntax of serverCommand or from client via GUI button), but the server_cosnole.log remains empty until the server is shutdown (this happens with or without the execution of these forementioned commands).


The only command that gives an immediate "reply" is "#debug von", but also adds a lot of not needed information in my particular context.


So please, does anyone know how to use the "#debug console" command? Does it need to be used with "#debug n"?

Thank you, google didn't helped at all.

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