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Mr. Karambit

[OPTRE] UNSC 15th Expeditionary Force

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**UNSC 15th Expeditionary Force**



The 15th Expeditionary Force is an OPTRE Semi-realism-multi-branch unit comprised of Marine, Air Force, and Naval personnel.



With the 15th we offer:

 - Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (With this we encourage brotherhood and teamwork above all)
 - Marine Force Recon
 - Certifications and Specializations on multiple weapons/armor (All which include advanced training ranging from JTAC to CQB Specialists to Sapper Specialization etc)
 - Active Community with operations daily
 - Promotions are done weekly so you always have a chance to rank up if you do well
 - Air Force Pararescue (PJs)
 - A story driven operation formed over multiple weeks done on Saturdays
 - Office of Naval Intelligence Agents (Section 1)
 - Spartan Program
 - First Contact Operation Planned
 - Game Maker applications open
 - All Time Zones are covered for OPs
 - Task Force Radio is used with RTO cert/classes available during the week
 - And many more when you join the 15th!


-Capt. Karambit, 15th Head Admin


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