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Engine sound replacement - help apreciated

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Hello, i just got back to Arma universe after long time, and played a little with my favourite set of mods..... 
With fully upgraded PC, i finally enjoyed fliud gameplay at stable FPS level, launched some tank mission with RHS tanks and meet same issue as i remember from the old days. T-72 and T-90 have very bass-y sound, its loud as thunder - definetly loudest sound in the game (bass wise - low tones). I wanted to ask for a help in creating simple addon, not crossing the line of EULA, that could replace RHS T-72 engine sounds with vanilla T-100 varsuk. All RHS T-72 and T-90 Variants are using the same sound set for engine. How i can do it? Was there some changes to audio engine, is documentary help still accurrate? I'm "green" in modding, and wanted to comfortable play this game, but everyone in the house (and me) cant stand thundering when i even touch those tanks. 

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