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18th anniversary of OFP/ACWA

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the picture created by: (unknown author); edited by RozekPoland; source: ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk



On 22nd of June, 2001, Bohemia Interactive released their first flagship title "Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis" (OFP) also known as "Arma: Cold War Assault" (ACWA).
After 18 years:


4 years ago, at the 14th anniversary, I shared a gallery of the best pictures (over 700) that have ever been posted in OFP Photography threads. I have decided to move the whole gallery to Imgur which works smoother, provides more sharing features and is more user-friendly.


The best of OFP Photography

the picture created by @*actionhank*, edited by @RozekPoland



I would like to invite you to my OFP/ACWA live-stream on YouTube. I am going to play a single-player campaign "PMC Ranger Path" by @Snake Man. The stream is starting at 7PM CEST (6PM UTC+1). See you! :smile_o:



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Amazing. I didn't realise playing the demo way back in 2001 that I'd still be playing today. 🙂

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