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2nd Canadian Parachute Brigade

The 2nd Canadian Parachute Brigade is a casual milsim unit based in Arma3, we strive to realistically yea fun World War 2 experience. We achieve this goal by providing our players with professional and high-quality environments for everyone's enjoyment.
This unit does use many mods to improve our experience.


What we are looking for
We are looking for anyone who wants to have a fun time playing Arma, It does not matter if you are new to the game or played it for years. We will offer everything we have available for you.


What is your schedule?
We are operating on a weekly basis to keep our unit and members active. Every week we are scheduling 2 kinds of events. The first thing is the main Operations were we play our WW2 Campaign. We do also offer at least one training per week. We do not require any attendance.

Timezone: GMT

Thursday - Training 18:00 UTC +00:00
Friday - Operation 18:00 UTC +00:00
Saturday - Possible Main Operation 18:00 UTC +00:00


What roles are available for me?
We have a broad range of roles that are available for all different types of personnel. These can be found below, and all roles are accessible after basic training.

For Airborne Troops we offer:
- Rifleman
- Medic
- Machine Gunner
- Anti Tank Gunner
- Radioman

For Pilots we offer:
-Pilot Trainer

For Tankers we offer:
-Tank Commander

If you have experience or skills at commanding we offer the roles of:
-Section Commander
-Assistance Section Commander
-Training Staff


Special Offers
If you live in an area outside of EU we do offer you to start a regional sub-unit to the 2nd Canadian Parachute Battalion. By this, you are able to control it your self while using our communities servers and Teamspeak.
The only thing we require is that you are holding more or less one WW2 Event per week.


I am interested, how can I sign up?
If you feel our unit suits you just hop into our Discord and we will sort everything out for you!
Join our discord here: https://discord.gg/DHubyDk


Or visit our Website or steam group.
Website: https://2ndparas.wixsite.com/website
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/2ndParachuteBattalion


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