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Gunter Severloh

[SP/COOP 1-8] Desert OPS Run - Tactical Arena

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- Removed a couple of objects that were accidentally placed inside 2 buildings.
- Removed the 2 ladders from the 2 center unfinished complexes as the planks are better.
- Removed the scoreboard as you cant read it with a 2sec respawn.
- Reduced the respawn delay to 2 seconds.
- Fixed the flagpoles for each player start position as the flags were not showing when ingame.
- Fixed a part of the briefing not showing all of the situation info while ingame.
- Adjusted a plank found to be facing upward instead of flat and level.
- Added more new planks to give more access from one building to the other.
- Added a few sandbag walls to some roofs that needed more cover.
- Added staircases to various buildings and access points.
- Added markers to the map to indicate where the staircases are.
- Added 3 more units to the garrisoned squad.
- Updated the Commander, and garrisoned squad tasks information boxes.
- Changed the AI spawn message when the enemy AI spawn.
- Misc sandbag wall, and plank adjustments.



Steam workshop, google drive, and soon Armaholic are and available for download.


Just to note if your concerned about performance then grab the VR version, its the same mission, same version just on the VR map.


On the regular map version which is Altis, it varies from computer to computer but just remember at the start theres going to be maybe a slight lag when you start the mission

for about or less then a minute as the garrison script is doing its scan and then moving 15 soldiers to random locations in the surrounding buildings, once thats done then the mission plays fine.


For me i average 90-105fps when i host the mission MP lan which is recommended as the mission is revive and respawn based.

Any questions, problems, or concerns let me know, have fun! Cheers!

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- Found and removed 2 objects that were accidentally placed inside a building.
- Added staircases to several buildings.
- Adjusted the description in in the Commander Task.
- Increased the number of times an enemy AI can spawn.



New Steam Workshop Version!

Steam Workshop v1.8 -  Desert OPS Run VR version

This is the same mission and version as this DESERT OPS RUN on Altis seen here:
except it is on the VR map.


If your concerned about performance or just prefer VR then this version will be best for you.



The video on the VR version is just  an overview and demonstration of the original mission which is on Altis,

and does not represent the current build of the mission, i did not record a video for the VR version as it wasn't necessary.


Any questions, or problems, let me know, have fun! Cheers!

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