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Gunter Severloh

Desert OPS Run - Tactical Arena v1.20

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- Removed a couple of objects that were accidentally placed inside 2 buildings.
- Removed the 2 ladders from the 2 center unfinished complexes as the planks are better.
- Removed the scoreboard as you cant read it with a 2sec respawn.
- Reduced the respawn delay to 2 seconds.
- Fixed the flagpoles for each player start position as the flags were not showing when ingame.
- Fixed a part of the briefing not showing all of the situation info while ingame.
- Adjusted a plank found to be facing upward instead of flat and level.
- Added more new planks to give more access from one building to the other.
- Added a few sandbag walls to some roofs that needed more cover.
- Added staircases to various buildings and access points.
- Added markers to the map to indicate where the staircases are.
- Added 3 more units to the garrisoned squad.
- Updated the Commander, and garrisoned squad tasks information boxes.
- Changed the AI spawn message when the enemy AI spawn.
- Misc sandbag wall, and plank adjustments.



Steam workshop, google drive, and soon Armaholic are and available for download.


Just to note if your concerned about performance then grab the VR version, its the same mission, same version just on the VR map.


On the regular map version which is Altis, it varies from computer to computer but just remember at the start theres going to be maybe a slight lag when you start the mission

for about or less then a minute as the garrison script is doing its scan and then moving 15 soldiers to random locations in the surrounding buildings, once thats done then the mission plays fine.


For me i average 90-105fps when i host the mission MP lan which is recommended as the mission is revive and respawn based.

Any questions, problems, or concerns let me know, have fun! Cheers!

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- Found and removed 2 objects that were accidentally placed inside a building.
- Added staircases to several buildings.
- Adjusted the description in in the Commander Task.
- Increased the number of times an enemy AI can spawn.



New Steam Workshop Version!

Steam Workshop v1.8 -  Desert OPS Run VR version

This is the same mission and version as this DESERT OPS RUN on Altis seen here:
except it is on the VR map.


If your concerned about performance or just prefer VR then this version will be best for you.



The video on the VR version is just  an overview and demonstration of the original mission which is on Altis,

and does not represent the current build of the mission, i did not record a video for the VR version as it wasn't necessary.


Any questions, or problems, let me know, have fun! Cheers!

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All 3 versions of the mission have been updated to version 1.9

The ACE/ME version was v1.2 and then i had applied all the updates from the other 2 missions to the ace version.




- Updated the time of day parameter in the MP lobby, you can now change the time of day from {"Dawn","Morning","Noon","Afternoon","Dusk","Night"};

- Added a new MP parameter where you can disable or enable player Stamina and fatigue
 {"No stamina nor fatigue","stamina & fatigue enabled"};


- Added many new ladders, planks, steps, and stairs to various areas, enabling you to access more areas.

- Added sandbag walls where there was no cover to hide behind in certain spots.
- Adjusted a few ladders and stairs to make them transition smoother.

- Replaced a few planks with stairs which made the access smoother and eliminated several objects for just one.

- Replaced many outside walls with one wall instead of many single walls, reducing the object count, important for mission performance.

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Altis and VR versions only.




- Added more stairs to access more areas.
- Added sandbag walls to areas where i found myself without cover in some instances.
- Added new planks/pallets to a couple of areas for more access.
- Adjusted the heights of some sandbag walls as they were to low to use for cover.
- Adjusted a few walls facing the wrong direction.
- Fixed a couple of plank transition areas, that made the player clip or get stuck.
- Fixed a plank missing one of its parts.
- Readjusted an area giving it better transition and access.
- Removed an outside wall and adjusted the other walls in that area making it fit better.
- Reduced the AI spawn time from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.


Google drive, Steam Workshop, and Armaholhic have the latest files.

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Nice to see this still getting updated Gunter, especially the VR version, I've been using it a lot to test my Deserted VR map. :thumb: 

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Thanks, ya this may be the last update for any additions to it, adding more objects, and variations of planks, sandbag walls, stair ect,. for more access is effecting the performance

so any more updates will probably be tweaks or adjustments now, the VR version is ideal if you want performance, but the Altis version some times may cause the FPS to drop a little,

still playable but also depends on the player's machine.


If you find any planks, windows, or areas difficulty to traverse because you either clip, or get stuck with that floating animation, let me know about those spots to fix them

i been figuring out better work arounds for things, just keep in mind that the mission is meant for Running and gunning, not so much stealth, so walking across certain planks isn't ideal

as you may get stuck on them, some traverse of the planks still have bugs i need to iron out.


As for the ACE version i may not update that anymore, i dont really play with ace, and its alot of work to replicate new additions, ect,. on multiple versions.

Ya i seen your Deserted VR map, nice work with that, gives the VR some "atmosphere".


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Altis and VR versions only.






Major Overhaul!
- Replaced 99% of the planks with railroad tracks & concrete sidewalks.
Because of this replacement most areas that used planks to cross, their object counts
were reduced from 4 to 1 if not more meaning less objects=less resources required to render them=more performance.


- Many misc objects removed in surrounding areas based on plank position.

- Adjusted many sandbag wall positions based on new railroad track/concrete sidewalk crossing areas.
- Added/removed boxes and crates for steps for RR track/sidewalk transitions.

- Adjusted some sandbag walls as they were to low to provide any real cover.
- Added a few sandbag walls to some areas that didn't have any cover.


- Transitions from one building to the next are now smooth,  all the areas where
you cross, or run along a building on a crosswalk will not impede the player anymore, what happened before in some areas

with the planks is two joining planks would at random make the player clip, get stuck, or end up making them do a floating animation.

Keep in mind there is still a possibility of an issue i may have not found, but most are fixed i ran into, and that was tested running and walking.

- Added 3 more soldiers to the garrison squad, making a total of 18 soldiers that will be in and around any building.


- Adjusted the Enemy squads container walls, by eliminating 2 walls making the squad a bit closer
to the arena, thereby allowing faster access, so you should see them sooner in the arena after they respawn!



Overhaul Notes

- In the past weeks i have put about 60hrs into this update total, i had Christmas eve/day, full weekend, and New years eve/Day off from work

in those free days, i spent night and day (i did sleep in between 🙄) working on this update.

   In the beginning i had actually started a new version of the mission but stopped and had the greatest idea!!!!


This new idea was to replace all the planks in the mission among many other things, reason being is the player still gets stuck, clips, and get slowed down by them,

aside the drop in performance noticeable in the last update.


The following are screenshots in the editor is with the overlay off (press backspace):




     Below you can see a wooden box in the doorway, without that box to help transition you would get

stuck there, clip even fall through the floor.  Pic to the right, same thing, this box prevents you from doing that jumping animation, getting stuck, and injured.

I had died once from either doorway, with some tests i did, putting a box there low, allowed you to bypass the crack/spacing between the doorway and patio!  FIXED!



I used Rail road track, it has greater spans then planks, planks only have 4m, and 8m lengths, whereas

railroad tracks have 3m, 10m, and 20m lengths which helps reduce the number of objects used to span a building!

      Also to the right is stone side walks, these have a length of 2m, 4m, and 8m, plus corner, their perfect for rams, all found under objects Tanoa (structures) in the editor.




You can see the stone sidewalks in both screenshots below, they make for smooth transitions, dont mind the jagged edges,

nothing in this mission is meant to be "realistic"  its for fun, and to practice your tactical skills in a close combat, urban environment and to shoot some baddies!



As you can see below, the office building in the center of the map was notorious for making the player clip, and get stuck and sometimes getting injured,

now you can easily run around the building without tripping, you can still shoot through the railroad tracks and so can the AI so watch yourself!



As you can see below, i connects alot of buildings together, the larger spans used the railroad tracks, whereas the shorter used both stone sidewalks and the tracks,

you can even see stairs connecting you'll find running and gunning in this becomes a smooth endeavor, just watch out for the enemy AI in buildings which will surprise you!




You can see the great spans the railroad track covers, yes it looks odd to have tracks but it works, its either that or 4-6 planks to trip on to make up

that span which i had before, with the railroad tracks in the 1st pic that is a 20m span only using 2 tracks, talk about saving space, and eliminating objects,

do note that the more objects on the map the more your computer has to render them, so less performance=less fps!




Last but not least I reduced the distance to the arena for the enemy AI to move, so you should notice

they enter the arena faster, and smoother!




As i said in the changelog:

The amount of objects removed/deleted which were replaced by better objects that span greater distance and cover more area width wise is profound!

I had reduced the amount of objects from 4-6 to 1-2 for every building you see, about 99% of all the wooden planks in the mission and theres still a few, have been replaced by either

railroad track or stone sidewalk.

     For some it may be more noticeable then others, in my tests in mp lan watching my fps it was getting 60-120fps with it, initially it would be low

because of the initialization of the garrison script, after that it will jump.


VR version

The VR version i had deleted the existing mission and basically reported the Altis map to the VR map, fairly simple copy n paste, then from there

while highlighted i had to lower all the objects (at once) to sit on the ground because of the difference in terrain height, aside that there were no issues

i seen like planks, or any objects out of place, if you find any, let me know.


Lastly just a light warning

There still may be some spots where you may get stuck, clip, or do the jump animation, in my tests in the

past week i have not run into any, and the number of them i ran into i fixed, so if you guys find one, please let me know and point out where.

      Any questions, or problems let me know, have fun!  Cheers!


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Altis & VR versions only!


Another huge update!

    This one fixes, adjusts, updates, replaces, and basically fills in the holes of what was left to do in v1.11

at this point until i think of more things to adjust, fix, or do without sacrificing performance v1.12 may be my last update for the time being unless someone

else has some ideas or runs into something, for now check out the changelog.


Armaholic has the latest files, workshop and google drive are v1.12, also check out the video in my previous post, its an overview of the v1.11 Update

along with a gameplay demo showing some tactics to best used on the map, among other things.

    Have fun with this one, this has turned out well, cheers!



- Added Pergolla building in the large open space by blue building giving more cover for that area.
- Added a stair to a building that had only one way out.
- Added sandbag wall to side of stairs that turned sharp, where player would run off edge.
- Added new Stair access to one side of office building plank to get down to garage building.
- Added RR Track plank access to next building over.
- Added steps and RR track plank access on top of building that will now connect to next building.
- Fixed a marker not deleting when all tasks completed related to the marker.
- Fixed a hole by a RR track plank where player would fall through and get injured while crossing.
- Fixed a doorway/patio that had a bad transition, where player would clip, or fall through the balcony floor and get injured.

- Increased distance of sandbag wall and flag from player entrance as player didn't have much room to move when being engaged. Also added another Sandbag wall on top of existing wall for more cover.

- Made all markers on the map transparent so you see only the ammo cache dots.
- Made a sandbag wall larger to block player access because player would run off deck thinking there was a stair there.

- Replaced all remaining wood planks to  RRtracks and stone sidewalks, which also reduced the number of objects on the map, while also fixing clipping issues for two planks among them.

- Spun a Pergolla building around to allow more access to move/cover when coming down a stair that was near it.

- Updated Garrisoned enemy soldier task with correct number in task description.
- Updated Skill.sqf for AI difficulty, lowering some points, increasing others based on level chose.


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Altis & VR versions only!


Found a few issues after playing a bit.




- All Ammo caches now have at least 5 RGN & RGO grenades.
- Updated Garrison code in enemy squad leader as all of the squad enemy wasn't garrisoning.
- Fixed enemy squad spawn markers, and the center patrol marker solid again, seems AI would not respawn after being killed and also would not move to patrol.

- Fixed and updated VR version mission as it had double tasks, markers and other things because of my port, sorry about that.


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Altis & VR versions only!


Renting a server i ran into an issue with the mission, server would hang and not load, and the rpt spit out an error which i sought help on to fix

A friend of mine looked at the code gave me some insights and i fixed it accordingly, tested and mission now works outside mp lan.


Would have helped if the community gave some feedback i mean seriously out of the 2700 subscribers on the workshop aside the available zip download to the mission not

one person could have said something that the mission dont work on a dedicated or rented server, come on people!

      Makes you wonder why a person should spend almost 6 months of their free time i might add building such a mission and sharing it and you get no freaking response,

    I had to discover this issue myself in order to fix it.


What keeps this game alive is the mods, and the scenario creation that people spend their free time on, at least if you enjoy a scenario or mod give your feedback, rate it and support,

without these people, us/me this game would have died years ago keep that in mind, dont take for granted what comes so easily to you,

appreciate what other do for you!






- Updated and fixed the weather Parameters as they would prevent the mission
from running on a dedicated or a GSP server, only MP lan seemed to work
now mission should work on all servers!

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Hi Gunter,


I had mentioned that problem to you once before but you had said that you only play single player or on a local server and you had know way to test it. It is awesome that you were able to find and fix it. This will be going on my groups server right now. Thanks.



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Hey buddy

2 hours ago, Tuskegee_99th said:

I had mentioned that problem to you once before but you had said that you only play single player or on a local server and you had know way to test it.

Ya i do recall seeing a comment on the workshop page, and that being mentioned so ya i take my comment back in the previous post, but one person?

None the less ya at the time only playing sp and mp lan i had no way to test the mission outside those avenues.


   At the time looking at the issue, i've seen the error in the past but had no idea on how to fix or what to do, and the files and relations to each other were new to me to a degree

so its a learning experience, now i know and fixed it another way then what was mentioned here.

2 hours ago, Tuskegee_99th said:

This will be going on my groups server right now. Thanks.

Thanks man, i appreciate folks checking out my work!

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For those who play and are interested in the mission here, 

a note a recommendation and an idea i would like to implement but dont know how to make it work.

Aside the above i have a small update coming that will adjust, fix, and remove somethings, and maybe add.



I'm working on taking new screenshots for the steam workshop page and for the thread here as the current ones (missing atm) are from the old version

and build of the mission which has completely removed and replaced all the planks and many other things.



I want to highly reccomend EO's Deserted VR map for the Desert OPs Run VR version

this is the map im referring to if you dont know what im talking about

Deserted VR


idk why it took me so long to check out his map but it seriously changed how my mission of the VR version feels and plays

the perspective and ambiance just really adds atmosphere and makes the mission/map stand out more making it funner instead of being bland and empty on

the VR map itself, my props to you EO for such a fantastic map!


Idea i would like to implement but have no idea on how to implement, can anyone help?

An idea i had and actually Hortzy pointed this out to me couple months ago was instead of having a squad of enemies

limited to one kinda of enemy which is currently independent FIA faction,

the idea was to have a function that works like the Dynamic recon missions or another type where basically in the mission parameters before mission

start or even when the mission starts is to have a menu where the player can choose what faction of enemy will spawn in the starting areas and once spawned

basically roam and patrol as they currently do.


    So in general you could be running a mod and choose any faction provided their enemy to you/your side and a squad size of enemy would spawn in

in the designated locations i have setup already on the map, they could be carrying whatever guns for what the mod has set for them, and or you could spawn in

a vanilla faction for all it matters.

Anyone have any idea how to do this?


    I think this idea would really make this mission alot more interesting, more versatile and adaptable to player preference, the mission is alot of fun

and i would really love to keep working on it and updating it but there are certain limits in terms of what i can add for buildings, walls, planks ect,. the mission

already runs pretty smooth without any hiccups or any performance loss so on that note i would like to replace the current preset setup of enemy faction with something

inline with the player's interest.


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Hey Gunter, good to hear your still interested in developing this great scenario.

For enemy variation, the first thing that sprang to mind was a hybrid mission with Custom Combat Patrol, some neat things can be done within the init.sqf. Obviously Combat Patrol is designed for slightly larger scale ops but there are still some cool features in there. Food for thought.


For my own personal enjoyment, I've added the Ambient Civilian Presence modules, adds a little panic to the battle.    

Thanks for the kind words about Deserted VR, your mission is just the perfect foil for it. :rthumb:

Good luck with development!

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This update v1.15 is a massive overhaul to the mission!

Just to let you guys know, Rydygier has been a major contributor and help with the mission in terms of coding, without his skill, and dedication to code

my mission would only be so far, i have added Rydygier at the top as a creator of the mission too, he did alot of coding in terms of implementing alot of ideas

i had, along with some of his own to add, adjust, and fix bugs the mission had.


One of the major components in this update which was implemented was the following:

Mission Start
At mission start player can choose from a GUI Menu:

  • What side they want to fight on:   Blufor, Opfor, or Independent.
  • What faction they want to fight against they can choose vanilla faction, or faction based on mod loaded.
  • What faction they want to garrison the buildings throughout the arena either with vanilla faction, or faction based on mod loaded.

For two weeks, and two weekends, Rydygier and myself spent an all time consuming coding, idea, and testing journey to make not only this new

feature happen but among many other things that were done.


Best to see the changelog for all that was done in this update:



Buildings, planks, walls, & walkways update

  • Added 2 stairs and steps to side of villa building giving it more access/escape from the ground/roof.
  • Added wooden box to the plank over office building as player would clip and get stuck.
  • Added many new concrete barricade walls in areas lacking cover, also replacing long sandbag walls.
  • Added several double rr tracks, with small boxes and walls establishing new areas you can access/escape.
  • Added several access points to buildings that only had one way to go, now has 2-3 access/escape paths.
  • Added a pergola building in a large space that was very open and lacking cover.
  • Added in 2 areas stairs from a roof down to a 2nd floor, allowing more access/escape paths.
  • Added placed a ceiling over each enemy AI squad start positions to prevent the AI from engaging you if they happen to be in their spawn and you on a roof near them.
  • Added platforms roofs to two pergolas which allows more areas to go to and fight from.
  •  Connected 2 ramps to each other allowing for a more diverse avenues of access or escape.
  • Filled in a 2 corners for two connecting pathways.
  • Fixed a track transition where player would slow to a stationary walk.
  • Fixed a stair that wasn't close enough to a 2nd floor which left a gap, made player get stuck.
  • Fixed a box on top of a balcony acting as steps, as player couldn't cross over it.
  • Fixed when enemy AI are outside the arena they are automatically moved back inside to their starting location.
  • Replaced one remaining old wooden plank with sidewalk path.
  • Replaced a pergola building with a small shop.
  • Straightened out parts of the outer wall as it was curved.
  • -Straightened out 2 rr tracks planks and moved them out a bit further to allow player more room to move.

At mission start player can now choose from a GUI Menu:

New Features, Functions & Scripts update

  •   What side they want to fight on:   Blufor, Opfor, or Independent.
  •   What faction they want to fight against they can choose vanilla faction, or faction based on mod loaded.
  •   What faction they want to garrison the buildings throughout the arena either with vanilla faction, or faction based on mod loaded.


  •     Player can now fully heal if/when wounded if they return back to any one of the player starting locations.
  •     Player can now see at the top of the screen their:     Kills/Deaths/Garrisoned enemy  remaining.
  •     New MP Parameter - Garrison Strength will spawn and garrison a minimum of 8 and maximum of 40 enemy soldiers based on faction choice.
  •     Flag at player start will change & reflect the side the player is on.
  •     Altered hunter patrol AI. If the group has any knowledge about any players, it will send from time to time (like 30-120, usually 60 seconds interval) 2 members after player, Hunters may enter buildings and engage the player in close quarters (CQB).
  •     Tasks are now executed through script and not through editor placed modules, this prevented/stopped double tasks from being created.


  •     Briefing, adjusting the description, and credits.
  •     Enemy Commander's gear, uniform, and weapons along with his 2 elite soldier's that guard him.
  •     Kill trigger at player/enemy AI starting areas to reflect side player/enemy is on.


Here is a video that is an overview of what was done for the framework, although theres alot more then what the video shows

and some of the new features and functions, along with a look at how the mission now plays.

Video took me a bit to record, and edit as i have been doing 10-11hr days for the past week so my time has been limited.

      The mission is alot of fun!


Lastly i want to thank Rydygier once again, for all his help, and contributions to the mission,

thanks my good man, you helped change some mere ideas into reality for a mission that i have been very passionate in creating!




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Another update!

In this update which we spent about a week on, most of my work was ideas, testing, and of course the video.

Rydygier has coded in some new functions, see changelog below for details, but watch the video as i review it all and demonstrate.


Once again i have to thank Rydygier for his dedication to the art of code, he has really changed how the mission plays now in many ways!







  • Added - Spawn as many enemy AI squads as you want through your action menu.
  • Added - you can now turn off the garrison if you wish.
  • Increased the Garrison Strength, allowing you to spawn and garrison a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 80 enemy soldiers from a faction of your choice.
  • Optimized garrisoning code, removing the initial freeze/lag at the start of the mission.  Now garrisoning is done in a more efficient and faster manner.
  • Added MP parameter for the player stats: none, HUD, mouse action (hint)
  • Updated MP parameters, giving them some more details to their descriptions.
  • Fixed/Updated the save/load loadout function with arsenal now all your loadout should save and load.
  • Updated the briefing removing the mission section.
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This is a massive overhaul of the mission!
I spent this past week and my entire weekend on this, and am proud to release this new version.

I want to thank @Rydygier for his patience and help as i know hes working on his own project but took the time to

help me out sorting out some code, thanks brother!



- Adjusted position and heights of several sandbag walls, as some were crooked, and floating
in certain locations.


- Added a trigger with notice board to the inside of the office building 1st floor, this trigger when the
player walks into it will be fully and instantly healed of any injuries.


- Added concrete shelters to many areas to add cover transitions from corners, to long bare walls, to
large openings, this allows the player to get from cover to cover sooner in shorter distances.


- Added/setup 4 more player start areas to add more randomness, and enable the player to not get used
to the regular starting points, forcing the player to change their tactics and adapt because their starting
from at a new location.


- Added many various furniture objects to all buildings to add some immersion, and possible obsticles.

- Added intro script.


- Adjusted heights of some of the triggers to functional heights as they were set to -1 infinite.

- Adjusted the heights of all the tall concrete walls acting as cover, where you can peak and shoot over the
wall and duck when being shot at, gives you more options vs just a solid wall to take cover behind.


- Disabled the task notifications you see at the start of the mission ingame, tasks can be found
under the briefing if you want to persue those objectives, otherwise they are no longer intrusive at the start.


- Increased the garrison strength from 80 to 104, so now more enemies in and about the buildings if you choose.

- Moved the flag at the player starting point and respawn areas to the inside of those areas.

- Reduced the respawn time from 2 seconds to 1 second.

- Relocated the 3 other playable units to the starting location of the player's position.

- Replaced the 4 old barracks buildings with new barracks version which have breakable windows.

- Replaced the majority of the sandbag walls that were double stacked for height with concreate wall of the same height
to allow for more cover in certain areas lacking cover, and to reduce object count as
2 objects are being replaced by 1.


- Replaced all of the two sandbag walls in front of the player start areas with 1 concrete wall of the same height.


- Set all objects but the buildings on the map as simple, indestructable, and disabled the simulation on them, this greatly improves the performance

of the mission. As an example without any garrisons, and any patrols on the map i get about 87-90fps,
with 120 garrisons and one patrol of 10 soldiers i get about 47fps, just to give you an idea that the spawns will reduce the performance vs the objects.

This is running the mission via MP lan (also helps to have a decent computer too! 😉


- When the garrison parameter is set to none, the stats for the hud and action menu will not show any number
 or title ingame anymore.




Just a important note, the number of objects in this mission is now  1,961 objects, about 600 something of those are simple objects

vs 1,600 something objects in the previous v1.16 version, now remember to play this mission and access all the features/functions you play this in MP lan.

       Also in this mission with all 104 garrisons and patrols roaming around i get 47-60fps, with no garrisons and just patrols i get about 80-90+fps

My computer specs

i7-700k Intel Kaby lake 4.2cpu

Ram is 32gb overclocked at 3600mhz

Arma3 is on an SSD

and my OS is on an SSD

GPU - Nvidia 1080 8gb

PSU- 1000watt


Just letting you know that if you have a shit computer, like a duel core, an I5 with the game on an HDD, or low ram with 1200-1800mhz

this mission may lag for you and maybe be unplayable, i cant say, also note if your concerned about performance please use the VR version

its the same exact mission as the Altis version, in fact i copied then entire mission to VR.

Any questions or problems please let me know!


Alot of work and time was put into this, i play this mission alot as this was a great idea i had many years ago when i was

editing maps in the Unreal engine editor for Red Orchestra 41-45, Desert Ops Run was and is a dream come true for me, i hope you enjoy and have

fun with th emission and i hope it helps you learn some new things about tactics and such, its a great training tool!



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This is version 1.18

thats 18 times this mission has been updated since release!

Desert Ops Run - Tactical Arena



- Added a respawn point in the office building.
- Added a few concrete barriers on the ground in certain areas to allow the player to get
cover in long/open stretches of ground.


- Added a few stairs to the side of roofs which now enables more access to another building close to them.
- Changed the word in the Stats parameter description from, provided to viewed so now it reads:
"How player's statistics should be viewed"


- Extended the ceiling of the enemy spawns reducing the possibility of shooting into their spawn from above.
- Fixed - Two stairs that were to close to building's patio's which made it harder for the player to
 go up it without falling off.


- Fixed - Found a number of concrete walls to not be low enough to shoot over as meant to be.
- Fixed - Found a step on a patio where the player would get stuck on the rail and unable to move.
- Replaced many concrete barriers with concrete walls which adds much more cover then the barriers.
- Replaced the daytime paramater, now you can change the time to any hour of the day or night.
- Replaced the loading screen description at mission start.

- Reduced the size of the Stats HUD to half the size so its not as intrusive as before if chosen in the parameters.
(thanks to dondaddah in pm through Armaholic for that suggestion)



NOTICE - Performance Warning!

Want to let everyone know that this mission has 1,990 placed objects
most are simple objects.
If you have a low end computer and are already getting at least 40fps without mods in the vanilla game then

this mission may not run very well for you.

To give you an example of the performance of this mission on my computer:
My computer specs:

  • i7-700k Kaby Lake 4.2ghz
  • Ram - 32gb @3600mhz
  • GPU - Nvidia GTX 1080 8gb
  • Arma3 is on an SSD
  • Win10/64bit on its own SSD
  • PSU - EVGA 1000watt


FPS averages for me:

  • No AI on the map garrisoned or patrolling i get:  100-105fps
  • 1-2 AI squads patrolling on the map i get:   73-88fps
  • 1-2 squads patrolling and 104 garrisons i get:    44-57fps

Note - this is playing through MP lan which the mission is setup for.

Desert OPS Run - VR version
For those who are concerned about performace there is a VR version linked below,
its the same exact mission, as i had ported the Altis version to VR.

Any questions, problems or concerns please ask, i spent alot of time on this mission.



Other things:

  • OP has been updated with new information, including whats in this post.
  • Steam Workshop pages descriptions have been updated, with included warning on performance post.
  • VR version updated as well - for this i literally have to port the entire Altis version mission to VR and place it, so basically its a new mission every update!
  • Armaholic has the v1.18 update just waiting for them to process it.
  • Video for this update will be coming soon - stay tuned!

Thank you and Credits!

I want to thank once again @Rydygier for his help on a few things with code, and once again interrupting his project for his genius coding skills!

Thanks brother, i very much appreciate your patience and skill, btw im still sending you $10 on patreon which i wish others would do the same as

you deserve it!


Want to thank

dondaddah in pm through Armaholic for the HUD suggestion

@VedKay and his crew for testing the previous version, and letting me know the mission ran smooth for you guys, thanks!


Future plans:

- Tweaks

- Coop support where friends or fellow players will spawn together



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Another update for you guys, version 1.19!




- Added code for the player/AI start buildings that would exclude them from being garrisoned.
- Added more grenades, smoke and mines to most of the ammo boxes in the arena.
- Added the option where you can now reset your kill count in the action menu for your stats.
- Fixed - player starting position ammo boxes as they were not accessable only the arsenal part was.
- Readded 4 more playable units, this means the mission now supports 8 players in total.


Overhaul - (Purpose to reduce object count to increase scenario performance & add a more efficient setup.)
- Replaced - player starting areas with less objects, previously 26 objects per 8 areas = 208 objects, now
reduced to 6 objects per starting area with a new total of 48 objects!


- Replaced - Enemy Ai starting spawn areas with less objects, previously 28 objects per 4 areas = 112 objects,
now reduced to 7 objects per starting area with a new total of 28 objects!


- Replaced all exterior walls, every new 1 wall replaces 2-4 walls.


Total objects in comparison for:
v1.18 = 1,990 objects,
v1.19 = 1,708 objects, thats a reduction of 282 objects!

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Update - Port

In this update i ported the Altis version to Stratis.

As suggested idea from a friend Snowhusky , thanks bud 😉

This port is on the workshop and can be downloaded from my google drive, both can be found linked in the OP (1st post for those new to forum talk 😄


The Stratis version can be found on the airport on the southern end as there was the most room, see pics below:









In my tests:

  1. With 104 garrisons, & 2 patrols i get 47-50fps with view distance set at 1190m
  2. With 104 garrisons, & 2 patrols i get 56-60fps with view distance set at 500m (bottom)

Note this is version 1.19 of port from Altis to Stratis so same exact mission and everything, just on Stratis.

I have a Malden version but idk if im going to bother with releasing it, Stratis was released for the sake of performance gain in mind.

Any questions, problems, let me know. Cheers!

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v1.20 released!



- Added a menu spawn system where player can now choose which spawn point they want to respawn at
this should help those in coop spawn at the same location, also gives the solo player more options.


- Added a code and script where the player can revive/self heal on the spot where they were killed at
 as long as they have a fak or medkit in their inventory, if neither then respawing at one of the
respawn points can be chosen.

The above respawn system revive/self heal works for all three Blufor,Opfor, and Independant sides
 if you choose those factions at the start.


- Added Spectator mode, now after you respawn you have the option to spectate or choose a new start location.


- Added more faks to every ammo box in the arena, and to those that didn't have any.


- Fixed a step on one of the balconies that would stop you in place if trying to go over it, will still do it
if you try to walk over it but not if you run over it.


I want to thank @hortzy and give props for his idea on the menu respawn, and self heal idea, and for

his patience, dedication, and time we spent on the 6th implementing code, and testing for almost 6hrs!

Thanks my good man!


Also want to thank Czarny on the workshop comments for his suggestion to add spectator to the mission, thanks!


Final note

In this update the new menu spawn system should "fix" and or enable now players whom are playing coop with

friends, clan, unit, group to spawn together, allows everyone to choose where they wish to spawn.

       There was really no easier way to do this other then figure out code and implement it, so thanks again to Hortzy for the idea!




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Brilliant Mission.   I remember long time ago you post that you working on same type mission but with tanks

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4 hours ago, sammael said:

same type mission but with tanks

Are you sure?

I never had it in mind to do the same type of mission with tanks, think you got me and or the mission mixed up with

another author or mission, all my missions are infantry based and more specicically Specop/Sniper type missions.

    Only tanks i'd play with are WW2 tanks, other wise its a 1 shot kill game, or tanks vs infantry about all i'd make but it really dont interest me.

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55 minutes ago, Gunter Severloh said:

Are you sure?



Edit :

It was user .kju )

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