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Why no ability to use the guard waypoint in Zeus!

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Unless I'm missing something there is no way to use the guard waypoint when using Zeus when running a mission. Achilles adds a few additional waypoint types but still no guard. You have to use MCC to give a group of units a guard waypoint.


Bohemia amazes me sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. 

They provide the community with this awesome tool or Zeus but it seems functions are always half ass and never completed with the stock vanilla game.


The guard waypoint perhaps is the best most dynamic waypoint mission makers have in their arsenal to allow for dynamic missions to unfold with minimal scripting an additional waypoints.  why in the life would they give us such an amazing tool like Zeus and leave out the guard waypoint is beyond me down there stand the logic behind that. Just my thoughts and me venting about poor decision-making at times from bohemian. Avibird.

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