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Helicopters(only) huge lag as copilot

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I have an issue that is bothering me for some time now.
No matter if it's vanilla or modded I have some issue with helicopters (no issue with other vehicles even not planes).
First of all, when I am the pilot everything is perfect, High fps 60+

when I am copilot (if I give the control to the pilot or if I choose the copilot/gunner seat) I have 2 possible issues, and it's always one of theim, not both.

Case 1 : 
My fps got very low (FPS 10-)  when the pilot is heavy manoeuvreing Big rolls, banks or change of directions.
When flying straight it's good.

Case 2 :
As a copilot I have good FPS 60+, but when entering in the gun screen, when firing I don't see my shot, explosion or any hit.
The click of my mouse to fire also has some issue, keeps firing when releasing... looks like desync except all is fluid..

Any Idea?
This happens even when I am the HOST

I have a very good connection and high end computer.
i9 9900 
32GO ram 

Please tell me if I can give you more information.
thanks for any help.

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No, the game is stable and there is no CTD, no rpt files are created when I have that behavior...


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