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Custom built memory allocators

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I have built some memory allocators using thread building blocks 2019 source code, updated few weeks ago.

I wanted to see if there is an improvement, sent the builds to my friends, seems like results are all the same, sharing here for you others out there might want to test and give feedback.


2nd test builds: https://mega.nz/#!jC4VWALL!0e41USDZ2DyccYkXrSp8ls7oEb6u8vk2VjZiGK9hfpI


unpack & move memory allocator dll files to "\Arma 3\Dll\" folder;

enable-select malloc from a3 launcher (x86 or x64)

*BE has to be disabled (it blocks loading of memory allocator...make sure BE is disabled)
*avx and avx2 extra versions provided for newer cpu's, as well as SSE2 version

built from tbb2019_U8 source code: https://github.com/intel/tbb



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