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**United Nations Space Command/Task Force Nova**



Here at Task Force Nova/UNSC we focus on a serious professional enviroment.

We are a very serious group targeted to more mature audiences.

We do not tolerate any un-serious behavior. Our group is focus'd twords the

Marine Corps of the UNSC, we provide a MOS along with a friendly enviroment.

When you join you must Attend Basic Combat Training (BCT).



Everyday we grow strong as a individual, now we must grow together.


**Content Pack**



**Arma 3 Unit**



**What we Provide**

A strict serious atmosphere.

A serious group of players.

We do NOT tolerate any un-serious attitude during Operations.

We will be using TFR (Task Force Radio), in the near future.



**Operation Schedule**

We host 2 main campaigns normally on weekends.

We try to host 2-3 Operations during each week (mon-fri)


**Invite Link**



-Captain Roswaal L. Mathers



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