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Good day Bohemia Interactive! I post it here because feedback is a black hole, please pay a little attention to these issues.


Today I run Arma3 and got nauseous. OMG this is my favorite game? Player sees this shit, and I do not understand why this cannot be fixed so many years.

This is a real shame for any game, but nobody from developers tries to fix it. Today, I could not play this game, when I see such things, my eyes bleed.


Dear developers, please feel sorry for your users and finally fix IT, not because of me, but for the whole Arma community. 


1. Paper and flying corpses when soldier killed in prone:



Approximately Every third or fourth corpse which will move and was killed in the prone, will fly unnaturally into the air, while fifth or sixth corpses fly into space!

This spoils the impression of such a serious game as Arma3. Please cure finally this shame, If you do not fix it then explain why? 



2. Cobra Stance of AI-soldiers when prone:



When AI in prone, He is able to take a unnatural position, when he aims at a high target or air-vehicles. 

The player should not see this, because it breaks his psyche!

All you need is to change the available vertical angle for shooting while any rifleman located in a prone position. 


3. When player go prone before the stone or other obstracle, he gets Cobra stance:



This issue appeared approximately 3 years ago, but nobody fixes it, as if it does not exist. 

This not only looks unnatural but also breaks the gameplay. A player may suddenly lose the ability to shoot!



Dear Users!  if you don't want to have all this shit in Arma3, then please support this post/

I hope that all this will be corrected not in 2021-2022 in Arma4, but soon and in the Arma3

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