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Zeus (seemingly) randomly doesn't work with Adminlogged

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Hello, for a couple of years now me and my group has been having a problem, we always run the zeus-module with #AdminLogged as "owner" and it usually works (had some problems with it not working after respawn but after using the respawn module instead of the old marker method for respawns it seems to work better). However, sometimes zeus just doesn't seem to work and we just get the "zeus ping"-icon and sound when trying to enter Zeus mode even when logged in as admin on the dedicated server, even though the admin hasn't respawned etc. This can sometimes happen even when we've tested to make sure zeus works just the day before playing the mission and we haven't really been able to find any reason for this happening. Just figured I should make a topic and see if anyone else has experienced a similar thing and what could cause it, it sort of seems like zeus isn't recognizing the admin (logging out and logging in again doesn't seem to help).


Has anyone got any idea or maybe some way to troubleshoot? (what to look for in the server .rpt for example).



Edit: Should mention that we're running a few mods, we use different mod-lists every campaign we make but the basic mods that we always use are CBA, TFAR, ACE and ALIVE.

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