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Issue getting mission to show up on a DS (published to Steam)

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Managed to publish my dynamic mission to Steam (visibility set to “friends” currently).  If I can overcome one final hurdle, I’m gonna unleash this wild beast into the world!


Ok, so my mission is thoroughly tested & polished and works in SP, on HS, and on DS.  (Same PBO works for all three.)


I have 3 PCs and 3 Steam accounts.  Each PC tied to one Steam account.  When we play-test on HS, PC #1 hosts and PC #2 is client.  When we play-test on DS, PC #3 is DS and PC #1 & PC #2 are clients.  Been play-testing mission that way for a long time now (without bothering to try publishing to Steam, and thus manually placing mission PBO wherever it needs to be).  So far the mission is always visible (in-game) where we expect to see it, based on what we are trying to do at the time (including when running DS).

Fast forward to present.  I published mission to Steam (tagging it SP and MP) and subscribed to mission on all 3 Steam accounts (which are all friends with each other).  Again, I set visibility to “friends” only for now to work out all the kinks.  To make sure mission is playable from Steam only and shows up in the right places, I remove the mission folder from all local places (Profile Mission folder, Profile MPmissions folder, A3 dir Mission folder, and A3 dir MPMissions folders) on all PCs.  Again, this is to make sure we’re 100% getting it from Steam.


At this point, we can see mission just fine in Single Player -> Scenarios.  We can also see the mission just fine on Hosted Server.


Here’s the trouble:  We can’t see the mission when playing from Dedicated Server!


Anyone have any insight and/or advise on how to see a mission published to Steam on a DS?

[Also, a bit more detail on how I always run my DS (which may differ from how you run yours).  So on PC #3 in ArmA3 Launcher, I go to parameters and check “Server” and set Profile to the one I use for DS, then launch the game.  Note - I keep two profiles on PC #3 because sometimes we have 3 players and use PC #3 as a client.]


I welcome any and all help, even simple things I may have missed, thanks. :smile_o:

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