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Simulation = helicopterrtd; problem

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Hey guys,

Iam having issues when i use the simulation = rtd; line from the helicopter class.My problem is when i have the advanced flight model working ,if i turn the AFM off in the options the heli flight controls become crazy sensitive.

Anybody have any issues with this?


this is what ive added in the config -


simulation = "helicopterrtd";
        unitInfoTypeRTD = "RscUnitInfoAirRTDFullDigital";
        unitInfoTypeLite = "RscUnitInfoAirRTDBasic";
        unitInfoType = "RscUnitInfoAir";

        class RotorLibHelicopterProperties {
            defaultCollective = 0.625;
            maxTorque = 1100;
            starterTime = 20;
            retreatBladeStallWarningSpeed = 85.5;


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