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Global Mobilization - RC Branch Changelog

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Global Mobilization v1.3151


Content Fixes

  • Added: 100m grid to 2D map of Weferlingen.
  • Added: Adding animation for doors on 2t medical truck
  • Added: Door step animation for door on 2t medical truck
  • Added: East German Medic unit.
  • Added: Empty License Plate preset
  • Added: Zeus Game Mode East and West, summer and winter.
  • Added: Civilian variants of 2t truck
  • Added: Version number now visible in main menu (GM icon tooltip)
  • Changed: Adding tracer ammunition to PKT on all east german vehicles
  • Changed: Penetration values of all hand weapon ammunition adjusted
  • Changed: Removing top 2 stretchers on the Medical Ural 375D
  • Changed: 30 round magazines for 105mm L7 tobe used in campaign
  • Changed: 762 ammo update part 1
  • Changed: Added gloves to danish winter uniform.
  • Changed: Adding Vehicle in Vehicle capabilities for 10t mil gl truck
  • Changed: Adjusting civilian 2t truck tires
  • Changed: Adjusting FFV limits for cargo positions on M113
  • Changed: Adjusting Pzf84 Illum trigger time
  • Changed: Adjusting viewlimits of BMP1 commander's turret
  • Changed: AI-Assist in tank missions
  • Changed: Attribute option to select License Plate type
  • Changed: Border Fence Gate's resistance to vehicles
  • Changed: Border Gates are now unlocked by default. (setVariable ["locked",True] to lock gate again)
  • Changed: Concussion Grenade and Fragmentation Grenade to behave different
  • Changed: DF7X40 and FeroD16 sizes.
  • Changed: Doubled Air Raid Siren audible distance.
  • Changed: Enemy distribution in "All Cats Are Grey by Night"
  • Changed: Increased structural integrity of border fences.
  • Changed: Increasing accuracy of P1 and PM (just a bit)
  • Changed: Increasing MP2 rate of fire (just a bit)
  • Changed: Lowered M35/53 Helmet's position on head.
  • Changed: Missile Safari Coop mission - Some enemy AI paths redesigned.
  • Changed: Moved eye memorypoint of P1 and PM further back
  • Changed: Reducing Armor of TPz1
  • Changed: Reducing IndirectHit and indirectHitRange of the PKM API round
  • Changed: Reducing IndirectHit damage and IndirectHitRange of HEAT rounds
  • Changed: Reducing Supply range of support vehicles
  • Changed: Reducing T55 rotation and elevation speed
  • Changed: Removing Digital GPS and Crew Manifest (right and left display) from driver and all turrets
  • Changed: Removing UN from T55 UN turret texture
  • Changed: Rifle ammunition adjusted to better represent reality
  • Changed: Setting KPz1 XSW Spotlight doors to open by default instead of closed
  • Changed: Storing Turreted weapons now also works when player is under AI command
  • Changed: Structural integrity of structures and small objects increased by 160%.
  • Changed: TvT missions's respawn at MHQ
  • Changed: Uniform-Updates are now fully local, no longer needlessly global.
  • Fixed: Floating branch on Summer picea 03
  • Fixed: Explosives and mines no longer have a muzzle to be switched into
  • Fixed: Mirrored mirror on type 1200
  • Fixed: Adding exhaust effect to second exhaust pipe of Type 1200
  • Fixed: Adding medical capabilities to ACEI and ACEII containers
  • Fixed: Adding missing placeable objects for Binoculars
  • Fixed: Adding missing Repair ability to BPz2
  • Fixed: Adding showWindow = 0; to all Take and Store weapon useractions
  • Fixed: Advanced Turret Eden editor turret double occupation issue
  • Fixed: Ai Driving component
  • Fixed: Bad PhysX Geometry Lod on railroad objects.
  • Fixed: BMP1 commanders hands not following the optics when rotating
  • Fixed: BMP1 gunner and commander get in animation issue
  • Fixed: BMP1 Maljutka disappearing when gunner is turned out
  • Fixed: BMP1 rear left foor opening the wrong way
  • Fixed: Boardwall animations not working in lower lods on 2t truck
  • Fixed: Boardwall animations not working in lower lods on 5t trucks and 10t truck
  • Fixed: Borderfence when destroyed removes SM70 along with it.
  • Fixed: BPz2 Commander Hands not following MG3 movements
  • Fixed: BPz2 commander proxy position is too low
  • Fixed: Branches and Tree Stump clutter objects now render correctly in foggy weather
  • Fixed: Bridges had wrong Z-Bias.
  • Fixed: Broken Nation Insignia in lower lods of BRDM2UM
  • Fixed: BT11 and BT6 rooftop collision issues.
  • Fixed: Bumpy bicycle ride (Thanks Lexx!)
  • Fixed: Cargo animation issue for 3rd passenger on Post p601
  • Fixed: Church Door Opening wrong way
  • Fixed: Commander RTT view not following the rotation on BMP1
  • Fixed: Damper compression on type 1200
  • Fixed: DDR Crew was unable to throw grenades or place mines.
  • Fixed: DK infantry groups factionclass
  • Fixed: Dozer blade named selections in lower lods and shadowlod
  • Fixed: Driving behaviour of zsu234 to avoid locking up of tracks
  • Fixed: Engine getting turned on when loader turret is moving
  • Fixed: FlakPz1 Groups faction class fixed
  • Fixed: Floating wooden boards in lower lods on Ural Transport and Ural Ammo Truck
  • Fixed: Friendly AI "All Cats Are Grey by Night" not reacting to commands.
  • Fixed: Grenades bounced off an invisible window glass on gm_euro_office_01 and _win
  • Fixed: Hatch closing logic ignoring if the cargo seats
  • Fixed: Indirect hit calculation
  • Fixed: InitSpeed for MP2A1 magazines is configured too high
  • Fixed: Issues with some weapons having laser range finders enabled
  • Fixed: K125 Speedometer needle animation
  • Fixed: Launcher + Binocular in IWP had wrong IK mode enabled.
  • Fixed: M113 cargo would not seat back down correctly.
  • Fixed: M113 Command Antenna Mast not animating
  • Fixed: M35 Helmet Netting always visible on last lod.
  • Fixed: Mass of PKM
  • Fixed: MG3 belt not being present in 1st person view on KPz 1a1a1
  • Fixed: Minor terrain object placement adjustments.
  • Fixed: Misaligned Geo Lod for big steel frame mining tower.
  • Fixed: Missing author for GC insignia.
  • Fixed: Missing Author for GE voices.
  • Fixed: Missing shadow lod for optics holder on Pzf44
  • Fixed: Missing smokeshell effect classname
  • Fixed: Misplaced exhaust smoke effect on the p601
  • Fixed: Misplaced particle effects on BPZ2 front machine gun
  • Fixed: Badly positioned P1 pistol
  • Fixed: Mixed up animation names in the customization dialog on the KPz1a1a1 and 1a1a2
  • Fixed: P1 and PM having cartridge ejection on the wrong side
  • Fixed: Practice grenade no longer behaves like a normal grenade
  • Fixed: Propellers on TPz not rotating to the back when in swimming
  • Fixed: Rifle animation for when magazine is shot empty
  • Fixed: Script error when undo button is used after replacing a gm vehicle with another gm vehicle
  • Fixed: Second fuel pump indicator on the 5t fuel truck not having its indicator
  • Fixed: Skeleton mismatch for winter DEST building. Thanks Dahlgren.
  • Fixed: Smoother reload anims for MP2 and G3 when running.
  • Fixed: Some bridges no longer slow down bikes.
  • Fixed: T55 commander clipping through hull when turret is at 10
  • Fixed: Terrain issues with bridges
  • Fixed: Terrain issues with rails
  • Fixed: Terrain issues with rivers
  • Fixed: Texture of 5t refuel truck fuel tank
  • Fixed: Texture underside of FlkPz1 turret hatch
  • Fixed: Towing hooks not being in ramp named selection on m113 versions
  • Fixed: Turret Switching system no longer working after respawn
  • Fixed: Unit remains prone when exiting LATGM and Fagot launchers
  • Fixed: Weapon mass macro producing proper results
  • Fixed: West German Field Cap had minor head-clipping.
  • Fixed: Weird glass issues with East German grocery shop.
  • Fixed: Winter church using wrong replace-damage model.
  • Fixed: Winter Highway Bridges used non-winter textures.
  • Fixed: Wrong flag for German voice in virtual arsenal.
  • Fixed: Wrong getin/getOut position for TPz1
  • Fixed: Wrong isEmpty animation on PM pistol
  • Fixed: Wrong number of doors displayed in 3Den for office_01.
  • Fixed: Wrong proxy indexes for cargo position in fireGeometry and wreck lod for 2t truck
  • Fixed: Wrong smoke effect direction on all mounted MG3
  • Fixed: Wrong speed indicator indication of URAL 375D
  • Fixed: Wrong speed indicator indication of URAL 4320
  • Fixed: Wrong user action in stables building


Campaign Fixes

  • Fixed: Campaign "Never Say Never" : Return-To-Group Warning disabled for cutscene
  • Fixed: Campaign "Republikflucht" - Added more equipment to military bases
  • Fixed: Campaign "Republikflucht" - Carrying over persistent bridge damage
  • Fixed: Campaign - No more Frozen AI units in Papenrode
  • Fixed: Campaign - Player no longer has duplicate compass and watch
  • Fixed: Campaign mission "All Cats" - Enemy Movement patterns
  • Fixed: Campaign mission "All Cats" - Second Infantry Platoon no longer required to end mission
  • Fixed: Campaign mission "First Impressions" - Black Screen bug after loading autosave.
  • Fixed: Campaign mission "First Impressions" - Reworked M113 behaviour entirely. May that driver someday pass his driving test...
  • Fixed: Campaign mission "No Smoke" - Extra Autosave at beginning.
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Global Mobilization v1.0.3192


Content Fixes:


  • Added: DLC information to all Campaign missions
  • Added: aiBurstTerminable = true to all Machine Gun type weapons firing modes
  • Added: burstRangeMax to all Machine Gun type weapons firing modes
  • Added: ZSU23 and FlakPz1 FCS setup
  • Added: Additional 500 Rounds AP for ZSU 23-4
  • Changed: T140639 License plate numbers set through the GM functions can now also be obtained by using the getPlateNumber scripting command
  • Changed: ZSU23 and FlakPz1 Main weapon split into AP and HE muzzle
  • Changed: Animation display names adjustment for BMP-1 SP2
  • Changed: Cleanup of weapon modes
  • Fixed: Adding missing gm_coutermeasure_expl sound file
  • Fixed: Duplicate weapon for East german tank crew
  • Fixed: Maljutka AI max range reduced from 5000m to 3000m
  • Fixed: Mass of Grenades
  • Fixed: Popup when switching to passenger seat in some vehicles
  • Fixed: T140351 Unable to enter the rear compartment of the East german medical truck
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Global Mobilization v1.1.3738


New Content:

Added: KPz1A1 (Only Olive, Winter, Mud variants)
Added: KPz1A5
Added: M113A1DK APC
Added: M113A1DK Command
Added: M113A1DK Engineering
Added: M113A1DK Medic
Added: M113A2DK PNMK
Added: PT76B Light Tank
Added: SKOT-2A/OT-64A APC
Added: T55
Added: T55A with Dshk Heavy Machinegun
Added: T55AM2
Added: T55AM2B
Added: DK Army Infantry '90
Added: DK M/00 fragmentation vest and variants
Added: DK M/96 helmet and variants
Added: Poland as new faction
Added: PL Army Infantry '80
Added: PL Army Backpack "Kostka"
Added: PL Army Field Cap wz. 0433
Added: PL Army Field Suit wz. 4652
Added: PL Army Field Suit wz. 4652 (Rolled)
Added: PL Army Field Suit wz. 4652 (Autumn)
Added: PL Army Field Suit wz. 4652 (Winter)
Added: PL Army Helmet wz. 67 and variants
Added: PL Army Vests and variants
Added: C7A1 Assault Rifle
Added: GV M/95 Assault Rifle
Added: M16A1 Assault Rifle
Added: M16A2 Assault Rifle
Added: SVD Designated Marksman Rifle
Added: C79A1 scope
Added: PSO-1 scope
Added: ZFK 4x25 scope

New Variants:

Added: Wooden furniture texture for RPG7
Added: Wooden furniture texture for RPK
Added: AKM Assault Rifle
Added: AKMN Assault Rifle
Added: PL P2A1 flare gun clone (wz. 78)
Added: 6x3 Bayonet (Cosmetic Muzzle Attachment)
Added: DK Army display-name variants for G3A3, G3A4, MG3 ("GV M/75", "GV M/75 Carbine", "LMG M/62")
Added: 21 unique camo faces
Added: New music track "GM: Instigators"
Added: Beacon system for vehicles
Added: DK Army tactical signs
Added: DK Army textures for 2t truck (They had exactly one: 98.130)
Added: DK Army textures for all DK Vehicles (Desert, Tan)
Added: DK Army textures for recon KPz1 camo pattern (Black)
Added: DK Army textures for Type 1200 (Only Olive, Winter)
Added: GE Army textures for Type 1200 (Only Olive, Winter, Mud)
Added: PL Army license plate template
Added: PL Army specific display-names for T55A, T55AK (T55L, T55LK)
Added: PL Army textures for BRDM2 (Olive, Winter, Mud, Invasion)
Added: PL Army textures for BWP-1 (BMP-1SP2) (Olive, Winter, Mud, Invasion)
Added: PL Army textures for T55, T55A, T55AK (Olive, Winter, Mud, Invasion)
Added: PL Army textures for Ural 375d variants (Olive, Winter, Mud)
Added: PL Army textures for Ural 4320 variants (Olive, Winter, Mud)
Added: PL Army textures for ZSU-23-4V1 (Olive, Winter, Mud, Invasion)

Content Changes:

Changed: Adjusted fence type #10 to allow vaulting over when partially destroyed
Changed: Default fog base and decay values for Weferlingen
Changed: Antenna Mast animation is now toggleable in the customization screen for the BTR-60PU12
Changed: Antenna Mast animation is now toggleable in the customization screen for the M113A1G Command
Changed: Antenna Mast animation is now toggleable in the customization screen for the TPz1A0 Command
Changed: BMP-1 texture update
Changed: BPz2 texture update
Changed: BRDM2 texture update
Changed: BTR-60 texture update
Changed: FlakPz1  texture update
Changed: Lkw 0.5t texture update
Changed: KAT1 texture update
Changed: KPz1 texture update
Changed: M113 texture update
Changed: TPz1 texture update
Changed: Typ1200 texture update
Changed: U1300L texture update
Changed: Ural357d texture update
Changed: Ural4320 texture update
Changed: ZSU-23-4 texture update
Changed: Darkening bullet casing textures
Changed: MPiKM-72 texture update
Changed: Removed shininess of LATGM launcher and tube
Changed: Data optimization to reduce build size
Changed: Weapon direction memorypoint to follow Arma3 naming, for compatibility with community made weapon attachments
Changed: MBT Damage system balancing
Changed: Reworked group classifications to distinguish between '80 and '90
Changed: Former T55A adjusted to resemble early Czechoslovak T55, New T-55A model to resemble late Czechoslovak T-55A added, see Added section
Changed: Reduced general range and force of explosive damage for all HE and HEI ammunition

Content Fixes:

Fixed: 23mm 2A7 sounds
Fixed: 35mm L90 sounds
Fixed: AI firing modes for scoped G3
Fixed: AI View from BT-11 tower
Fixed: Church tower ladder opening no longer blocks grenades
Fixed: Clock on West German GL trucks being mirrored
Fixed: Default ammo in LP1 changed to eastern ammo
Fixed: Duplicate cap in inventory for DDR Borderguards
Fixed: Flipped fuel indicator on Typ1200 car
Fixed: Inverted right antenna mount on FlkPz1
Fixed: Loadout in backpack for East German PKM assistant
Fixed: Locality issue with West German vehicle smoke screen
Fixed: Missing bounding box memorypoints for ACEI and ACEII containers, now supports Vehicle in Vehicle (as cargo)
Fixed: Missing insignias in second lod of Type 1200
Fixed: Odometer counting the wrong way on TPz1
Fixed: Odometer not working on M113
Fixed: Outro "Tagesblick" Audio is now in German for German users
Fixed: Removed extra Gasmask from East German Borderguard, Police and Dress Uniform Officer
Fixed: Shadow artifact on BT-6
Fixed: Spelling error on M113A1G Dashboard
Fixed: Spelling error on MG3 Ammobox "Leutsput" to Leuchtspur
Fixed: Wrong rotation of squad.xml symbol on GE Tank Crew uniform.
Fixed: Wrong winter destruct variant in config for Office 1
Fixed: rpt error regarding gm_sound_spatial_Rain_vehicle_02, *_03 and *_04.
Fixed: Various loadorder issues

Campaign Fixes

Fixed: Campaign "First Impressions Matter" : Adjusted Enemy AI placement
Fixed: Campaign "Republikflucht" : End trigger logic changed to sustain through long playtimes
Fixed: Campaign "Tit for Tat" : Gate changed to let AI deal with it

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Global Mobilization v1.1.3819


Added: "Group Friendship" anims

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for commander M113A2Dk PNMK

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for commander PT76

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for commander of BPz1

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for commander of FlakPz1

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for commander of all KPz1 variants

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for commander of all T55 variants

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for driver M113A2Dk PNMK

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for driver PT76

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for driver of BPz1

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for driver of FlakPz1

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for driver of all KPz1 variants

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for driver of all T55 variants

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for gunner of FlakPz1

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for loader of KPz1a1, KPz1a1a1, KPz1a1a2 and KPz1a5

Added: 3d Cuthrough Periscope view for driver of all M113 variants

Added: AFOR, LFOR, CFOR Mission insignias

Added: missing Arsenal Pictures for ACEI and ACEII containers


Content Changes:

Changed: Added PIP to SKOT commanders periscope

Changed: Danish M/00 Vest can now hide the shoulder caps through config. (3rd Hidden Selection index)

Changed: Polish T55 designations changed to T55A and T55AD1


Content Fixes:

Fixed: Missing displaynames for PT76 ammo

Fixed: East german ZSU234 woodland being a winter texture

Fixed: FFV Binoc anims' finger positions.

Fixed: M113A1DK M2 gunner anims to have less broken hands when aiming down.

Fixed: Mirrored formation insignia on T55AM2

Fixed: Missing selection in shadowlod of M113A1DK causing shadow artifacts

Fixed: Offcenter optics proxy on C7 and M95 rifle

Fixed: PT76 PK had a laser range finder

Fixed: RPK, MPi KM72 and variants not being able to mount scopes despite having the mounting bracket

Fixed: T-55 Crew Turnout Binocular Anims.

Fixed: T55, T55A and T55AK Wrong turret number order under turret stowing box

Fixed: Recon and mission large insignia selections in lower lods of all KAT1 Trucks

Fixed: Wrong useractions names for store and take weapon on some M113A1DK variants

Fixed: Runtime created Ammoboxes being transparent after JIP

Fixed: M16A1 being too large

Fixed: PZf84 ammoboxes were not available in Zeus

Fixed: M113A1Dk Medical variant was not available in Zeus

Fixed: Ural Trucks now have 1.5 meter fording depth

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Global Mobilization v1.2.4680


New Content:

Added: GE Army PAH-1

Added: GE Army PAH-1A1

Added: GE Army VBH-1

Added: GE Army VBH-1A1

Added: GE Army VBH-1A1 Swooper

Added: GE Army CH53G

Added: GE Army CH53GS

Added: GE Border Guards VBH-1

Added: GE Air Force Do 28 D2

Added: GE Air Force Do 28 D2 Medevac

Added: GE Police VBH-1

Added: GE Army SpPz 2A1 (Only olive, winter, mud variants)

Added: GE Army SpPz 2A2

Added: GE Army 0.5t truck with MG3

Added: GE Army static MG3 anti-air tripod

Added: GC Air Force Mi-2P

Added: GC Air Force Mi-2T

Added: GC Air Force Mi-2US

Added: GC Air Force Mi-2URN

Added: GC Air Force Mi-2SR

Added: GC Air Force L-410T 

Added: GC Air Force L-410S Salon 

Added: GC Border Guards Mi-2P

Added: GC Border Guards Mi-2US

Added: GC Civilian Mi-2P

Added: GC Civilian Mi-2R

Added: GC Civilian L-410S 

Added: GC Civilian L-410S Salon

Added: PL Air Force Mi-2P

Added: PL Air Force Mi-2T

Added: PL Air Force Mi-2US

Added: PL Air Force Mi-2URS

Added: PL Air Force Mi-2URN

Added: PL Air Force Mi-2URP

Added: PL Air Force Mi-2URP-G

Added: PL Air Force Mi-2Ch

Added: PL Air Force Mi-2SR

Added: PL Air Force Mi-2 Platan

Added: SG5A2, SG5A3, SG5SD2, SG5SD3

Added: PM-63

Added: PM-63 Silencer “Safloryt”

Added: FIM-43 Redeye

Added: 9K32M Strela-2

Added: ZVN-64 and ZVN-69 night iron sights (plus front post item)

Added: MN-111 Air-Droppable mine (Platan)

Added: T-10 Parachute

Added: RS9/2A Parachute

Added: Boonie hat (M/84, olive, woodland)

Added: Dust goggles

Added: GC Berets (Black, orange, strichtarn; Enlisted/Officer)

Added: FJH Model 4 helmet (Olive, white)

Added: Polish berets (Red, blue, black)

Added: Polish wz.63 parachutist helmets

Added: SPH-4 Helmet

Added: Wool Hat (Black)

Added: ZSh-3 Helmet (White, orange, blue)

Added: M62 Helmet Woodland camo variant

Added: M95 Helmet Woodland camo variant

Added: 12 different helmet foliage camo objects (Using NVG slot, not in Arsenal)

Added: Gloves for East German winter and crew uniform

Added: Gloves for West German summer field uniform

Added: Woodland BDU (Plus rolled sleeves variant)

Added: GE Army pilot uniform (Plus rolled sleeve variant; olive, green, orange)

Added: GC Air Force pilot uniform

Added: PL Air Force pilot uniform

Added: GE Pilot Vest (And variant with shoulder pads)

Added: M/00 Vest Woodland camo variant

Added: 2 new Polish vests for PM-63

Added: East German Combat Vest M3

Added: GE Army modular tent (Einheitszelt Typ 1) and templates in 3DEN

Added: Sandbag bunkers and walls

Added: NATO and East German camo nets

Added: Stretcher object is now available in the editor

Added: NATO and Warsaw Treaty flags and banners

Added: 14 fortification templates to 3DEN

Added: AA group templates to all factions

Added: SF group templates to all factions

Added: AI Airport Helper object

Added: Zeus Vehicle Styler module

Added: 21 black-stripe camo faces

Added: 6 cargo places on top of the PT-76 deck

Added: GE Army Paratrooper

Added: GC Army Paratrooper

Added: PL Army Paratrooper

Added: GE Army Special Forces, '80

Added: GC Army Special Forces, '80

Added: PL Army Special Forces, '80

Added: DK Army Special Forces, '80

Added: DE Voice 09

Added: GE Army aviation stencil font 

Added: GE Air Force stencil font

Added: GC green, blue and yellow stencil font

Added: FI Army insignia

Added: CS Air Force insignia

Added: GE Navy Aviation unit insignia

Added: PL Air Force insignia

Added: GC Air Force insignia

Added: NL Air Force insignia

Added: GE Army old iron cross insignia

Added: New Arm Patch Insignia

Added: Air Force tactical sign

Added: Anti tank helicopter tactical sign

Added: Army Aviation tactical sign

Added: New entries for CfgDustEffectsXXX (T131130)

Added: Option to select the position of nation insignia (BMP1, KPz1, M113, BPz2, OT-64)


Content Changes:

Changed: Adjusted cargo on deck animations for BTR-60PB

Changed: Adjusted color of blue, yellow and white formation markings

Changed: Adjusted driver default camera position in first person for all vehicles

Changed: Adjusted garage Fire Geometry bounds

Changed: Adjusted mipmapping of East German winter uniform

Changed: Adjusted position of the pistol in the holster of West German military police vest

Changed: Adjusted proportions of modern Bundeswehr iron cross vehicle insignia

Changed: AI no longer spawned in KPz1 loader turrets (Tank platoon AI behavior fix)

Changed: AI no longer spawned in T55 loader turrets(Tank platoon AI behavior fix)

Changed: AI vehicles will come to a stop when firing SACLOS missiles

Changed: Decreased weight of PKM, increased weight of PKM magazine

Changed: East German border guard to carry correct cap (Grey instead of green)

Changed: East German stencil font

Changed: Equipped Polish crewmen with PM-63

Changed: Fashion Police MP Deathmatch to make use of the new weapons and clothing

Changed: Front direction indicator of Ural4320 trucks moved to the bottom

Changed: Given correct binocular type to Danish crewman

Changed: Hammer animation of PM and P1

Changed: Increased Flare brightness

Changed: Increased rotation speed of pintle-mounted machine guns

Changed: Increased size of MP2A1 sight hole for 100m and 200m 

Changed: Increased spawn delay of empty LATGM tube to 0.04s

Changed: Increased weight of MG3 magazine

Changed: Decreased weight of PzF44 ammo

Changed: Increased weight of PzF84 and PzF84 ammo

Changed: Increasing wheel size of West German 5t, 10T trucks, and TPz1 slightly

Changed: LATGM 0.5t Truck can now toggle the storage bag on the hood

Changed: LATGM 0.5t Truck is now capable of adding a blue or orange beacon light

Changed: Lowered damage resistance of building chunks

Changed: Moved LATGM Fired-Eventhandlers from vehicle to weapon

Changed: New HE effect to all HE and HEI ammo types

Changed: PM and P1 shot sound

Changed: PT76B now has a full stabilized main weapon

Changed: Reduced AI confusion of friendly tanks in campaign missions

Changed: Reduced armor of TPz 1

Changed: Reduced weight of G3A4

Changed: Removed bolt catch from AK74 and AK47 rifles

Changed: Removed crew proxies from wreck LODs (Driver would not play death anim)

Changed: Removed gun stabilization from BMP1 main turret

Changed: Resized objects of dropped uniforms

Changed: Reworked building shadows, increased performance in dense urban areas

Changed: Reworked G3 rifle grenade AT power to be very useful now

Changed: Reworked West German infantry thermal signatures

Changed: Switched attenuationEffectType for 0.5t truck to OpenCarAttenuation

Changed: West German border guards now carry SMG5A2 (Old classnames preserved)

Changed: Improved amphibious behavior of BTR60 and BRDM2

Changed: Improved amphibious behavior of TPZ1


Content Fixes:

Fixed: 25mm KBA was using 35mm cartridge effect

Fixed: 73mm PG15V will no longer over-penetrate

Fixed: Added missing lods to MG3 vehicle magazine model

Fixed: C79A1 scope can be zeroed from 100 to 800m

Fixed: Centered West German compass on screen

Fixed: Clipping issue with West German rank insignia on summer uniform

Fixed: Cover animation issue on 5t mil gl 

Fixed: Damage material selection on T55 turret is now present in lower lods

Fixed: East German belt no longer provides magic storage space

Fixed: FeroZ24 can now set range up to 600m

Fixed: Fixed wrong penetration material on BMP1 armor block

Fixed: FlakPz1 Company Insignia selection was missing parts

Fixed: Improved thermal imaging on Weferlingen Winter

Fixed: Increased visibility of barbed wire in the distance

Fixed: KPz1 commander optics position was too low

Fixed: Ladder/Roadway combo in the winter church building

Fixed: M113 driving behavior in the first campaign mission

Fixed: M113 steering stick being reversed

Fixed: M2 and DSHKM reload sounds

Fixed: Malyutka 9M14 and 9M14M had their penetrator classes switched

Fixed: Misaligned windows in rear command and engineering TPz 1

Fixed: Missing light flares on OT64 vehicles

Fixed: Moving view inside mirrors when doors open on 5t trucks

Fixed: Polish Ural cargo trucks flatbed texture

Fixed: Possibility to switch to illuminated reticle on PSO-1

Fixed: Rank insignia on East German border guards can now be set

Fixed: Rear cover customization animations of 5t trucks

Fixed: Removed nonfunctioning nation insignia option on Typ 1200 car

Fixed: Shading issue on PM slide

Fixed: Shadowlod of MG3 magazine and vehicle weapon mount

Fixed: Skinning issue on DK Vest 54 magazine pouches

Fixed: Skinning issue on West German backpack

Fixed: Randomly kicked out of vehicles when switching to/from turreted weapons

Fixed: Swap selection issue with West German winter uniform

Fixed: Switched zoom levels on FlakPz1

Fixed: Missing texture swap selection in first lod next to driver hatch on BPz2

Fixed: TPN-1 night optic for T55 (all variants)

Fixed: Useable cargo seat to BRDM2UM

Fixed: Improved ZSU-23-4V1 vulnerability against AT weapons

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Global Mobilization v1.2.4827


Added: GC Army LAK shelters as placeable objects
Changed: Default camo versions of all vehicles added to Zeus
Changed: Inertia, Dexterity, and recoil of MG3/PK Machine Guns adjusted
Changed: Inertia, Dexterity, and recoil of G3/AK adjusted
Changed: Inertia, Dexterity, and recoil of MP2 adjusted
Changed: Helmet Grass/Forest Camo to Facewear slot made it accessible in Arsenal. Removed deprecated Autumn variant.
Fixed: PL OT-64 can now steer while in water
Fixed: Nation insignia on nation position 02 was inverted on KPz1 variants
Fixed: Extended bolt on AK47 and AK74 rifles removed (visual change only)
Fixed: Weight of GE 2t trucks was too heavy for sling loading (was 7t should be 4t)
Fixed: Geometry lod of 0.5t truck adjusted to better match visual shape (was clipping while vehicle in vehicle in CH-53G/GS)
Fixed: [T151848] Mi-2US/URP not attacking all types of Targets
Fixed: [T151824] Mi-2URP NS23 muzzle flash not showing and using wrong memory points
Fixed: [T151824] Mi-2URP/URS should only have a single magazine for the NS23
Fixed: [T151832] MG3 Tripod Missing collision for Gunner
Fixed: [T151875] SpPz2 Added black interiors for transitional animation from turned in to turned out the state
Fixed: [T151850] 0.5t truck MG3 Front right seat position can no longer fire through the windshield
Fixed: [T151717] Mi-2 Copilot first-person exit clips camera
Fixed: [T151722] Mi-2 helicopters fall through the ground a bit or explode upon respawning in the editor if the helicopter flight model is set to "Advanced"
Fixed: [T151727] Lights on planes now produce light flares
Fixed: [T151727] Lights on helicopters now produce light flares
Fixed: [T151729] Mi-2URS Static crosshair while using Strela
Fixed: [T151734] Mi-2 Broken fire geometry for windows and other parts
Fixed: [T151855] Driver get in animation adjusted to better match the action
Fixed: [T151685] NATO and East German camo nets are impenetrable
Fixed: [T151686] Denmark AA group templates missing
Fixed: [T151689] Mi-2SR Camouflage Poland missing texture
Fixed: [T151690] T-10 Parachute transparency issue
Fixed: [T151692] Mi-2 helicopter family has the wrong interaction point
Fixed: [T151694] Mi-2 helicopters seem to be indestructible
Fixed: [T151720] CH53G / CH53GS - a reflection on the upper part of the cockpit does not correspond with the background environment
Fixed: [T151721] CH53G / CH53GS - Gear react to landing too soon
Fixed: [T151723] CH53G / CH53GS - part of the rear stand has no collision
Fixed: [T151724] CH53G / CH53GS - Soldiers in the back are protected by invisible walls
Fixed: [T151726] CH53G / CH53GS - Wreck have no collisions on cockpit and tail parts
Fixed: [T151728] CH53GS - Fuel pods on sides have a sand effect on hit
Fixed: [T151730] CH53GS - Missing string in the virtual arsenal on Fuel Tanks component
Fixed: [T151843] 0.5t Truck MG3 missing light flares
Fixed: [T151852] SpPz2A2 had searchlight configured
Fixed: [T151731] Mi-2URN Adjusted pilot First Person View to better center on the crosshairs.
Fixed: [T151847] SpPz2 Commander and Gunner get catapulted into the air when ejecting from moving vehicle
Fixed: [T151832] MG3 Tripod missing fire geometry
Fixed: [T151837] MG3 Tripod was reported as static AT
Fixed: [T151720] CH53G / CH53GS Hardcoded environment map on exterior green glass
Fixed: [T151833] Do 28 D2 Engines too vulnerable
Fixed: [T151831] Do 28 D2 standing in the air with both engines/wheels ripped off
Fixed: "Tracer" added to all SACLOS missile types for better trackability by gunner at longer distances (HATGM and 9M14 “Malyutka”)
Fixed: Missing GC/GE Police vehicle insignia
Fixed: Crews of K125 and Bicycle were still using old G3 variants of BGS soldiers
Fixed: 9M14 “Maljutka” missiles on Mi2 rails now has folded out wings (Visual change)
Fixed: Default mask for GC CIV airplane registration is now DDR-$$$
Fixed: Extremely high Fuel Capacity and fuel consumption of helicopters
Fixed: Disabled cargo place in Mi-2 Platan that would clip with the launcher
Fixed: GC AA Group template side (Was incorrectly Blufor)
Fixed: GC Combat Vest stretching artifact (Leaning forwards over would stretch the butt)
Fixed: Missing Head Shadow in First Person View for Woodland BD-Uniform (non rolled)
Fixed: Shadow artifact on Polish wz 63 helmets in 3rd person
Fixed: Enabled deactivated GC border guards helicopter insignia
Fixed: Missing GC police texture for civilian MI2 enabled
Fixed: VBH-105 center compass rotating the wrong way
Fixed: Cockpit labels in Mi2 (Polish spellcheck)
Fixed: Display Names of rear doors on VBS1A1 Swooper were using front door names
Fixed: Doors of L-410 can now be opened using animateDoor, not animateSource (Consistency with other vehicle behavior)
Fixed: East German Squad was not available in ZEUS
Fixed: HATGM missile was not able to reach 4km distance (exploded midair at 3km)
Fixed: GC Air Force L410 was missing all insignias
Fixed: GC Army Mi-2URN/URS did not have texture variants selectable
Fixed: PL Airforce Mi-2URN/URS did not have texture variants selectable
Fixed: Green/Red navigation lights were on the wrong sides of the CH-53G/GS
Fixed: HeadAimDown reset to 0 for CH-53G/GS to see straight out of the front window
Fixed: MN111 no longer triggered by people
Fixed: Planes Pilots had optics view (RMB button view)
Fixed: Rear number selection corner being cut off on L-410S
Fixed: Removed Counter Measures from CH53G, Only CH-53GS has them now
Fixed: GC/PL Mi-2URN/URS had advanced custom info panels available
Fixed: All Helicopters rotor collision detection larger than the visible rotor
Fixed: Static rotor visible in first-person view on VBH1A1, PAH1, PAH1A1
Fixed: ZVN64 sight picture lowered to align with a regular rifle
Fixed: VBH1, VBH1A1, PAH1, PAH1A1, Removed hidden cargo positions
Fixed: SpPz2 Removed last clipping round in MG3 belt (shared proxy as a consequence also on KPZ1 and BPz1)
Fixed: Removed parachute cargo from helicopters and airplanes
Fixed: Mi-2SR Wrong editor preview for East German Civilian version
Fixed: CH53G / CH53GS Rotor rotating the wrong way
Fixed: VBH1A1, PAH1, PAH1A1, Mi2, CH53 AFM takeoff explosions, when stress damage is enabled

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It appears not all updated files from this patch have been placed in the CDLC-RC update branch! This means this update does not contain all changes reported in the change notes. It will however function correctly. Expect an update to the Branch by tomorrow.

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The CDLC-RC client and server have been fixed and updated to version 1.2.4843

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