v2.26 live - VA is now PERSISTENT 😉   VA is now compatible with inidb2 persistency. Reconnecting players can continue to play where and in what state they have left.   Player: Position, Direction, Health, Loadout, Ravage Hunger/Thirst, VA Blood state, VA Bleeding state, VA Infection state are saved.
The Ravage stats save has no effect if Ravage or the Ravage Survival Module is not active.   Dependency: To save player data, the Dedicated Server/Hosted MP host must have the inidb2 mod activated. (Clients don't need this/it should have no effect)   Subscribe to INIDB2 by Code34:   Note: 
Add a local INIDB2 copy to your launcher (for Hosted MP Hosts) or your Dedicated Server, dedicated to the current mission/server, else you will load in player saves from previous missions/server setups.   Guys, I am extremely excited about this update and I hope you will like it! Please share any issues or exploits you might encounter.   Massive shout out to @code34 for sharing his mod with the community.   Cheers VD
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