V 2.19 uploaded on steam:   This version changes the loot economy substantially compared to the previous version. 

- new mods are categorized
- categorized mods are: arma 3, dlc, all 4 RHS, CUP, Niarms, friths ruins, ravage (project infinity, EO, ttsk, warfarethai, ifa3, KA, aftermath and any other mod are yet to be categorized) 
- categories are: civilian, military, police and special
- option added to take over RAVAGE gear pool settings and overwrite VA default settings. Blacklisted classnames are still excluded and custom gearlists will overwrite this. This is intentional
- these categories define in what buildings what loot will spawn
- police gear will (wip) spawn in buildings designated as police building (e. G. Liviona police station, tbd for arma, dlc and CUP) 
- special gear is ghillie suits, diving suits, oxygen tanks and such. Will not spawn often, will not be equipped to AI, will likely only be obtainable from loot crates and traders, tbd) 
- AI will either spawn with gear from the civilian pool or from the military pool, chance based
- Loot crates are filled with gear from all categories
- mod content will only be categorized if mod is active
- new settings: seperate military loot adjuster (chance for rifles, items, uniforms,...) 
- setting to bulk exclude arma 3, dlc, ravage equipment seperately (option for weapons and for equipment) 
- setting to BLACKLIST specific classname from lootlist 
- setting to overwrite/WHITELIST loot arrays for itemslots with custom classnames (will ignore default generated lists and apply your classnames only) 
- setting to adjust chance that AI spawns with military gear
- setting to add additional classnames to the loot economy

Other changes:
- chance to spawn guard dogs set to 0 by default until friendly fire behaviour is fixed (BAD DOG!) 
- debug hints cleaned up (only worls in SP and hosted MP atm) 
- added counter to show how much loot is currently spawned
- removed bis fnc task defense from AI that is spawned at sites until AI behaviour issues are fixed. 
- added a ravage time multiplier to some function. For example for bleeding to avoid bleeding to tick faster than intended.
- some settings cleaned up   enjoy;)   cheers VD
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