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Squad Bar Not Visible when Using the Turret of Some UAVs Spawned in Editor or Using createVehicle Command.

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Hi Guys,


I'm trying to create a souped-up version of the MQ-12 which I also intend to use as a forward scout. This is when I realized that, when playing as a squad leader and carrying a UAV terminal, whenever you take control of the UAV turret, the squad bar disappears, which is quite essential if I want to use it to command the squad using 3D spotting, although it is still available for the UAV pilot/driver control. I've scoured the cfg file of the MQ-12 for any parameter which pertain to this, especially in the MainTurret class but failed to find anything interesting.


Curiously enough, I found out that this is also the case for an AR-2 darter spawned in editor or using createVehicle + createVehicleCrew, but NOT for an AR-2 Darter assembled from a Darter Backpack, in which case, the condition is reversed, the Squad Bar is gone when taking control of its pilot control, and remains visible when taking control of the turret. This is why I never noticed any irregularities commanding an AI squad using 3D spotting with the AR-2's turret whenever I deployed it using the Darter Backpack.


Another vehicle which has the reverse condition is the UGV stomper, where the squad bar is invisible to the driver control, but visible to turret control. I've scoured the cfg file of the Stomper but also couldn't find anything useful.


I'm completely in the dark here on what makes a squad bar visible or not. I have tried using

showHUD [true,true,true,true,true,true,true];

where the true on the 7th parameter is supposed to show the squad bar, but this only works for the player character itself and not when I'm assuming control of a UAV. Can anyone explain what makes a squad bar visible or not when assuming control of a UAV? Thank you in advance!

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