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I'm looking for voice actors for a four mission mini-campaign I'm making. The only requirements are to have a good quality mic and have some way for me to get into contact with you. 


The campaign focuses on the story of a group of NATO soldiers as they escape Stratis during the events of the Survive portion of the East Wind Campaign. The characters needed so far are as follows:

Main Character: American, mid 20's, present in all four missions (duh),


Supporting Characters: Two, Both American, one is early 30's, one is early 20's, one is present on all four missions, one is present from the second mission onwards


NATO Officer: American, late 30's, present only in first mission, only about 10 lines


AAF Checkpoint Officer: Altian, mid 30's, present only in first mission, only two lines


FIA Agent: Altian, late 20's, present from third mission on


If you're interested feel free to send a message my way. I also have the script for the first mission if you wanted to take a look.

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