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Project Utah - American Roleplaying Terrain

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AVAILABLE NOW ON STEAM WORKSHOP (Remember to get the dependencies too!):   https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1364857229
Screenshots continued at the bottom of this post!



Project Utah is an American-themed roleplaying terrain, set somewhere in the four corners region. This terrain has been in development for 2 years, and I am finally calling it quits.  I do not have time to finish this project and I do not plan on working on it anymore, because I work as a Wildland Firefighter and I'll be gone again all summer, and I've started to dedicate my free time to learning Unity 3D Engine. However, I wanted to release Project Utah in its current state, because I put so much work into it, and for what it's worth I hope it could be cool scenery for someone. Overall, I wanted to create a fictional terrain that represented my travels throughout the Western USA. So you will find expansive mesa deserts filled with wind turbines, heavy industry, and tons of open road. I hope it will be a fun map to drive on for some people, whether it's on a Harley-Davidson or in an 18 wheeler truck. Although it is called Project Utah, it could be anywhere in the west - Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, or even eastern Oregon or Washington.


Let's be honest, this was designed with "Life Mod" gameplay in mind.  We had originally envisioned this to be a "Total Conversion" style Biker-gang Life mod with a persistent multiplayer server.  However my real life is just too busy now for me to work on that.  If the right person wanted to continue this project or administer it as a public project, I would potentially be open to it.  

-The map includes 100% custom clutter, 100% custom ground textures, 100% custom hand painted attributes and satellite map, and 100% custom road textures

-A large set of custom 3d assets including a Federal Highway Administration signs pack, Billboards, cactus, plants, rocks, and more
-Main town of Baker, with several junkyards and a railroad cargo station
-One main airstrip
-A large Oil Refinery
-A federal supermax prison based off the ADX Florence in Colorado
-A Dirt Oval Racetrack ("The Boneyard")
-Several Truck stops
-A ghost town
-A huge farm area
-A KOA style Campground
-A large strip mine
-Hundreds of miles of road, paved as well as dirt
-A long railroad compatible with the DEV version of Advanced Train Simulator

-CUP Terrains (Core)
-L4z0r_Utah_Objects - Custom objects for this map including clutter, billboards, cactus, distillation column, etc
-L4z0r_FHWA_Signs - An American signs pack that I made including 60+ freeway signs

L4z0rr0b0tz - Terrain/Textures/3d Models/Object Placement/Config Writing etc etc
Dom-Dva - Placement of many rocks and objects throughout the map as well as designn collaboration - thanks buddy!
Special thanks to Dmitri Chugai for most of the textures. Please visit his website http://www.texturelib.com for a great collection of free modeling/terrain textures

Some free usage textures were taken from pixabay.com
Special thanks to Bohemia Interactive for making such a moddable game
Special thanks to the modding community for helping me, especially the Arma 3 Terrain Maker's discord people such as HorribleGoat, Mikero, and others

Terrain - L3DT & QGIS
Textures - GIMP
3D Models - 3D Studio MAX
And of course Arma 3 tools

None at this time other than it not being finished

Not known if there are any compatibility issues with other mods but I have not experienced any

Usage: Please give credit to L4z0rr0b0tz for the terrain on your server screen, and do not repack or redistribute this mod outside of the steam workshop without my express permission. If you would like access to the source files to continue this project, I could potentially be persuaded to give those over. It's not that far from being "done" but I am finished working on it and want to move on to new projects. I've started learningn Unity Engine lately, and I have to say that without modding in Arma 3 I never would have been able to understand how to start making my own games.




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