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Visions of Warfare: 2036 (NATO ACT publication)

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Sentiment to the Cold War period may remain strong within parts of Arma community, but the world moves on along with his wars. Question is, how the battlefield will look like, how in fact the warfare will be defined a year after Arma 3 setting according to NATO Allied Command Transformation futurists?



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Awesome....being someone that grew up when the Vietnam War was still going on, having family that fought on both side during WW II and doing my own service in 85/86  I for sure have my connections to the past, loving to play scenarios taking place in these timeframes.

But...I am also a huge fan of the Arma 3 timline and lore. It is simply genious how the alternative Armaverse represents and provides so many political and military aspects and possible scenarios that are actually becoming or even are reality meanwhile. Using their own fictional assets not only gives BI the freedom to try things out but also is really helpful regarding copyrights which becomes a more and more bigger thing in miltary games.

Hybrid Warfare, Cyberwarfare, CBRN, UAV's and yes even making first contact, there are so many exciting and fresh possibilities which are everything else than only pure fiction. Combined with some good

old infantry fighting and tactical gameplay as well as brilliant choosen hotspots like the Aegeis, South Pacific or the Baltic States ( the Arctic would be another candiate) this will be the future of this genre.

Even if we all love our cold war and WW II battles, from a gaming company point of view they have to find ways to make their product ( in this case Arma franchise) stand out, be unique and...yeah sell copies. This will not work in a larger scale with doing the same cold war crises, middle east and WW II shit over and over again since there are dozens of other games that do this and some of them even better. 

As long as they are doing well and have the financial background to support and improve our pattform this is a win win for all of us, even for the hardcore cold war mil sim players since this will make things like modding or dlc's like GM not even possible but also better and better.


Finally I really hope the Amsterdam Studio will sign responsible for the future single player content may it be Arma 4 or whatever 🙂




PS: OP thx for sharing this...very good read !

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