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5th Infantry Division [5ID]

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5th_Logo.png5th Infantry Division


Branch: Milsim

Timezone: NA EST

Main Language: English

Operation Times: 2000 EST

Other Essential Info: As the 5th ID, we utilize 1st Platoon Light Infantry, Mechanized Infantry, a Scout Detachment, Fixed and Rotary Wing air assets, and an Armored Detachment to complete realistic military campaigns.


Light Infantry - "Spartan"


"Spartan" is our standard shock-and-awe force. From recon patrols and IED clearance, to MOUT in heavily fortified cities and assaulting out of helicopters, we do it all.


Scout Section Detachment - "Ronin"


"Ronin" are one of two supporting elements within the 5th. The Scouts conduct Special Recon behind enemy lines, direct-action raids, and everything in between. 


Armor - "Raptor"


"Raptor" is our second supporting element. Raptor utilize the Bradley IFV to inflict massive damage onto enemy forces, both infantry and armored elements. 


Aviation - "Outlaw"


"Outlaw" utilize both Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing aircraft to conduct CAS, troop transport, and MEDEVAC for ground forces.


Other benefits include:

⮚ Delayed Entry Program to test the waters

⮚ Weekly Campaign Operations

⮚ Nightly Mini Ops

⮚ Dedicated Training Servers

⮚ Joint OPs Friendly

⮚ Verified Veteran program

⮚ Multiple Company Structure

⮚ Active Community / Currently over 30 active members and growing rapidly

⮚ 10 Years of service, many Legacy members still active in the community

⮚ 17 + age restriction


Apply Here


A3 Units Page

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