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Adding modified vehicle weapons to game

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So I'm trying to learn a bit of basic configuration by making an addon that will effectively add a few modified variants of existing ArmA 3 aircraft weaponry. I'm starting off with a modified cluster bomb and air-to-air missile.


Yet I'm having a difficult time finding what exactly is required to create a complete .pbo and addon that the game will recognize.


In the config.cpp file which I will at some point have to turn into a .bin file and later pack in a .pbo what exactly is required besides for the parameters of the modified weaponry and the "base" ammo values which are drawn from when there aren't specific values for that weapon? Do I have to include the visual models I am using from the Jets DLC in the .pbo?


If I wanted to allow jets to select these weapons in the editor loadout screen would I have to include another PBO that added modified versions of the existing aircraft? For the time being I'm going to avoid that and just use scripting to load the aircraft.


Are there any good tutorials out there that would help cover this topic?

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