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[SP] Reunion 1983 (Global Mobilization DLC)

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"Reunion 1983", SP




East German tank company breaking trough the borderline in a large scale combined operation. Take the role of a tank company commander and lead the company of 12 vehicles with HighCommand system to reunite the Germany right now under the fair, socialist order, the collective regime of peace and love.


Subscribe on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1747514280
























Key features:

  • Feel the atmosphere of the Cold war gets realy hot, inspired by such movies as "Threads" (1984) and "Doctor Strangelove" (1964);
  • Good old OFP-style intro and outro cutscenes, narrative brieffing and a voice action;
  • Approximately 45-60 minutes of gameplay;
  • Do not pay attention to the casualties, comrade commander! There is thousands of volunteers claiming in the place of each dead conscript!
  • No mods at all, only an official "Global Mobilization" DLC.


Be advised, this is a SINGLE player mission, the Steam probably marks it as a MP one because of use of the teamswitch. Also pay attention that this is a very large mission, so in some moments it can require additional system resources.


If you like large-scaled single missions and wanna to see more, then take a second to rate "Reunion 1983" and add it to your favorites!


Don't forget to subscribe also "The Iron Cowboy" - the large scale mission about the NATO tank company on Altis;


And "The Iron Scimitar" - the similiar CSAT tank company action on Malden.


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