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Lost Coordinates [SP/MP 1-4]

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Coordenadas Perdidas/Lost Coordinates




Mission Summary

The CIA finded corruption cases envolving Japan and Pharmaceutical Industries. The President of USA ordered a spy group to get some information about the cases and finded ghost accounts from Japan.

After few months, CIA reached the conclusion that Japan is making a new virus to sell the cure, trying to be a new superpower country.

The President sends now 4 operators to attack the secret japan base.



• COOP/SP 1-4
• 55 Bots around the map
• Difficulty: Hard/Medium
• Patrols
• Originals Scripts made by me
• Open-Source Mission
• 1~3 Hours of Operation




Credits and License

Anyone can uses the scripts from this mission for commercial or usual purposes.
Mission delivered for: Herbert Silveira

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Steam workshop link? Looks interesting enough

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