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Pablo Diablo

Finding Blast radius for aircraft ordinance?

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Hey fellow Arma peeps.


I understand Arma uses the value IndirectHitRange to determine the blast radius of explosives and explosive ordinance (missiles, bombs, etc).  Damage drops off to a maximum range of 4 x iHR.


Does anyone know an easy way (or have an existing resource) to find the iHR for various types of ordinance?  I'm trying to put together a comparison/cheat sheet for Hellfires, DAR, DAGR, etc, etc, etc.


(I have a similar question about lock-on cones and finding a chart - I've only been able to locate 4 or 5 lock on cone figures out of the 10+ that are available in our game)



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to find out values regarding ammunitions simply go to 3den editor.


Tools >> {} config viewer >> CfgAmmo


Search for your desired class e.g.



then find the values, in this case:

hit = 150;
indirectHit = 50;
indirectHitRange = 4;


and for AT capabilities (only HEAT weapons have these):

submunitionAmmo = "ammo_Penetrator_Scalpel";
submunitionInitSpeed = 1000;


then search for the submunition class:


caliber = 56.6667; //defines penetration
hit = 900; //defines damage




for the sensor cones go back to ammo class:

M_Scalpel_AT >> Components >> SensorsManagerComponent >> Components


angleRangeHorizontal = 45;
angleRangeVertical = 35;
maxTrackableSpeed = 55;
>> GroundTarget
maxRange = 6000;


angleRangeHorizontal = 90;
angleRangeVertical = 70;
maxTrackableSpeed = 55;
>> GroundTarget
maxRange = 6000;



Hope that is helpful 🙂


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