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23 minutes ago, neofit said:

But Pilgrimage for instance and tons of other missions are working with the BIS save system with no problem, organically.

Ya, their are mp missions out there too with save systems as well they may use a save system called iniDBI2

seen here https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/186131-inidbi2-save-and-load-data-to-the-server-or-your-local-computer-without-databases/

would be something i need to learn, and setup for the mission, i will look into this, and when i get it figured out i'll create a new version of the mission with this system.

          Its an interesting point tho having the save system would definatley change how you play the mission, thanks for the feedback!

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I never understood what feature in a scenario made it so the stock BIS save system wouldn't work so people would have to either resort to base respawn or write their own saving routines. never did much research on the subject due to laziness, to be honest :). By digging around in other people's missions, I figured that some just disable saving because reasons. Others, like BIS, are using their Apex campaign to test their new "single-player online" feature on paying customers. I've seen plenty of missions where you have to go back to your base then use the map to save, but I don't enjoy that kind of pressure, especially in a game where you are more likely than not to get one-shot by a couple of pixels behind some bushes, multiple times during a mission.

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3 hours ago, neofit said:

I never understood what feature in a scenario made it so the stock BIS save system wouldn't work so people would have to either resort to base respawn or write their own saving routines.

 Only things i could think of would be a mod conflicting with the save, or even scripts, for example in the sp scenarios in the game, theres a mission

if you play it with certain gameplay mods, and save, the save gets corrupted, it will save yes but reloading the save will basically make the mission not work,

but i think thats a progressive type save when you get to a certain point like walk into a trigger based on the objective and you get an automatic save

saving manually would do the same.


Other then that i've seen saving coded into a mission, and a persistent type save with Ravage mod that works for mp only if you play lan and by yourself, it would

save your exact position, and gear which is ideal, thats what the iniDBI2 does.

3 hours ago, neofit said:

especially in a game where you are more likely than not to get one-shot by a couple of pixels behind some bushes

Ya would be just as dangerous, you got as far as you got and decided to save before its to late then have to go back to base to save, at that rate

might as well just have died and started over, respawn or teamswitch, ya i hear you on the issue, i will definitely look into this.

       i never considered something like saving your progress at the point where you are at in the mission, however what concerns me is

considering that the mission uses a garrison script to place enemies in random positions in houses, balconies and roofs, im wondering if the save with iniDBI2 when i figure out how to use it,

if the AI would be saved where they were at based on where you saved, an interesting thought indeed.

   I'll look into it more and let you know how it goes.

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@neofit What you can do if you want to try this mission, download the pbo version of the mission

Google Drive v1.10

Armaholic v1.10 


Then take the pbo, you'll need to extract the it from the zip of course, and then move the pbo to your folder here:

C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\Missions

Just make sure you have the required mods loaded, now once ingame and on the main menu, go to ----> Options ---> Game ----> Difficulty ----> Multiple saves (bottom of list)

with this box checked you can save your mission as much as you want, idk why i didn't think of it before but play the mission that way it works,

no need for extra scripts, or databases for me to implement, just save it on your end, once you save you can reload it, and if you exit the mission, you can return to where you left off.


Now if you were to die, up to you, either teamswtich to return to base, or reload your previous save so you have the option.

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Missions updated

  • The ISIL Foothold v1.11
  • The ISIL Foothold v1.7  Respawn version
  • The ISIL Foothold v1.7  No mods or DLC version
  • The ISIL Foothold v1.5  ACE version


September 21st, 2019


  • Updated HAS module allowing the helis to respawn if they were destroyed.
  • Added a code to the recruit AI script allowing the AI to work with HAS.
  • Moved the medic at base out of the Medical Cargo house and to the front of it.
  • Reworded the map marker for the Fuel tank & trucks objective.
  • Replaced the Qalat tower with a 2 story house.
  • Found and removed 2 objects buried inside a house in compound 1.
  • Added 4 new MG nest Perimeter objectives which are optional.
  • Updated the Launcher objective ammo box adding missing launchers for the ammo in the box.

Other notes/Updates

  • The no mods or DLC version doesn't have HAS in it so no updates there for the mod.
  • 1st post of the thread, i added new screenshots, made screenshots bigger, and put them all into a spoiler.
  • 1st post of thread added thumbnails for each mission version, and put all downloads into a spoiler.


As per my previous post here for all of you interested in the mission but prefer Singleplayer

  • You can host the mission in MP lan and play solo, for respawn this would be needed anyways.

    2 options

For a normal Singleplayer game with this you have 2 options, you can either teamswitch to the next available playable unit

which theres only 4 or if you download the mission from the google drive and move the pbo to your missions folder ---> C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\Missions

Saving in the mission

Once ingame be sure to go to ----> Options ---> Game ----> Difficulty ----> Multiple saves (bottom of list) on the menu of the game

and you can save your progress as you play, regardless the mission is still challenging.



    I want to thank Rydydgier for his help and insights once again on things i was having issues with namely with HAS for this update.

I also want to thank Neofit in the previous post for bringing the saving option to my attention, tbh for a veteran player i never really used it as i've always used teamswitch

but aside that for his and others sake like i noted above you can save your progress as you go.



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September 23rd, 2019


  • Adjusted positions of all MG nest perimeter guns as they were falling over and completing their tasks.
  • Removed a couple of objects found inside the house on the East Mg Perimeter.


All versions updated:

  • Ace v1.6
  • Respawn v1.8
  • No mods/DLC v1.8
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Update - Some points on mission design and Tips & Advice

Recently received a comment on the No mods and DLC version on the steam workshop page.

The commenter


The machine gun nets are destroying all the helicopters at the very beginning. The enemy offroad is driving up to the base and destroying cars... needs to be fixed

You can read my response here if you want



But i want to go into this a little deeper and explain something about the design of the mission and then give some advice.


Not meant for beginners

This mission was designed for the intermediate, advanced and veteran players of the game, this is not a beginner's mission, not that one couldn't play it, but experience in arma is whole nother ballgame

then playing any other game in my opinion, and thats not to say that a veteran of a war who is a beginner to the game couldn't get far in the mission, it depends on alot of factors.

Overall it depends on the person, and experience does make a difference, just stating that the mission is not easy, it has a high challenge.


Design is for spec ops & Snipers

The layout, and design of the mission is meant for those players that prefer, like and or specialize in Special Operations, and Sniping type missions basically the context of the mission dictates one's approach,

so going in with a machine gun and a rocket launcher is wasted firepower because only so much of that would work.

  The environment and layout of the enemy is described as hidden, ambushing, watchful, and having established killzones, so basically an approach to this would require the player to recon

the area, setup an approach where one could infiltrate, while a sniper is watching, engage and eliminate any perimeter defenses, and any soldiers watching or established on rooftops,

along with guard posts, and or outposts.


Perimeter Defenses by design setup based on location and map layout

The layout of the MG nest perimeters is situated on top of hills that overlook a vast space of empty field, that is lower then them, these nests are situated about 400m apart

that was by design to have them spaced, and overlooking the field, now considering that their positions are higher then the field they overlook which is reminiscent of a DDay layout

on Omaha for example, these nests have a ideal killzone, not only do they have a long field of fire but there is really nothing other then maybe a couple of small hills

and some large stones to take cover behind.


SW Commenter and the helis

   Now as the commenter on the steam workshop was saying, my guess is that he had flown into the killzone area of the mg nests and got shot down,

that is the only possible reason that the helis could be getting destroyed as the mg nests cant see but maybe 400-600m from their positions, and the base itself is about

1600m minimum to a max of 2200m from the furthest nest.


Antiair truck

        On a note to that there is an antiair truck that randomly positioned in one of the compounds, and is set to move to a random position on the start of the mission

this very reason is why i state that you need to do reconnaissance first before you make your move.


Truck with 50.cal mg

This truck is situated at the start of the mission on the road behind compound 3, it has a waypoint that is set to guard, now anyone that knows anything about editing in the game

knows that a guard waypoint will allow a unit to seek out a source of sound that sounds like combat of some sort, i know from experience by sight too, that if that truck sees the helis flying they

will engage them but not only that but if the heli's fly back to base as in RTB, the truck will literally seek out that position or location and engage the helis or anything it sees as enemy.


This truck will seek out the source, like i did yesterday, i play tested the mission to maybe see if what the commenter was suggesting was happening, and i know it happens

thats the thing its meant to be like that, dont fly into the killzone, makes no sense anyways because that whole area is occupied by enemy flying in there would be stupid, only to get closer to the AO?


When i tested it yesterday i went in on a quad, i drove into the killzone, was a sniper, i hid behind a hill with view of the compounds, as soon as i took out the soldiers on the roof tops in compound 5

and the mg nest there too, the truck with the 50cal came out to the area i was at, looking around, i ended up shooting the gunner out first and then the driver, he was no threat.

While still there i killed all the mg nests and all the soldiers i had seen on top of roofs i could see from my position, just from that, i noticed that the infantry patrols

were working their way to investigate my area as well.



My advice

  1. Move in on foot/quad initially and recon the area, no matter which direction you go.
  2. Eliminate the perimeter defenses right away, since the truck w/mg is an objective, wait til he comes to you unless you see him first.
  3. Locate the antiair truck and eliminate him right away if you can or see him, without doing this, your helis even for cas are no match against them
  4. If you see any patrols eliminate them right away, but only if they are within range and are an immediate threat to where your going or planning to do.
  5. Plan your approach, any direction is viable and will work, best approach imo are either the east, or the NE, going through the middle from the north is risky as you have nests, truck, and compounds on both sides.
  6. Spec ops, Sniping and go silenced imo is your best option, long range threats like i noted in the Tactical tips can be eliminated without actually being a threat to you as in they seeing you.
  7. Going in loud is not really a problem but just keep in mind that sound draws the enemy's attention, when your in a compound, they enemy may change their direction, so more eyes on you if your seen.
  8. Use a few grenades, but stock up on RGN grenades, they are small grenades, perfect for CQB, use them based on the space the enemy is in, they can clear a small room and be thrown alot farther.
  9. Your loudout should enable you to maintain your stamina if you have to move quick, so take what is only needed, remember you can pick up enemy weapons, and grenades too if you have to.
  10. Use your supports -  you have mortar, and cas on call waiting, they are limited so use them for the best situation, mortars can do alot of damage, call in the cas heli when all anti air threats are gone, he will do alot of damage!
  11. Most of all when looking at compounds from the outside, look at all the windows, doors, and openings, you can eliminate alot of threats from outside if you see them, at most your up against 10 soldiers a compound.
  12. Lastly take your time, prioritize your targets, look first before you move, keep the sound down, and recon, patience and awareness will keep you alive!


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Respawn version update only.



 - Removed helicopter supply drop and transport as the helicopters were exploding apon entering them,
 only Heli CAS support is available.       Only Heli CAS is available.


- Some misc base adjustments.

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Small update that updates and fixes an issue where the parameter for the weather in the lobby for mp on a server not mp lan

would cause the server to hang and not load the mission, parameter was changed, thanks to my friend hortzy for taking a look and giving me some insights on it.

Mission should now work on a server dedicated or GSP.



March 25, 2020


- Updated and fixed the weather Parameters as they would prevent the mission
from running on a dedicated or a GSP server, only MP lan seemed to work
now mission should work on all servers!

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All four versions were updated!

  • Original - v1.14
  • ACE - v1.8
  • Respawn - v1.11
  • No mods - v1.10


March 27th, 2020

- Updated the briefing.
- Added static 50cal to the bunker of the front of the base.
- Added 2 more playable units for a total of 6.
- Changed CQB Operators to Operators.
- Adjusted various walls for level and position at the base.
- Added misc items in various areas for ambiance.

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All four versions were updated!

  • Original - v1.15
  • ACE - v1.9
  • Respawn - v1.12
  • No mods - v1.11


April 7th,2020


- Updated briefing.

- Removed all weapons and gear on player and playable units because player will
get weapons and gear from virtual arsenal anyways, plus adds a little immersion
by starting with nothing.

- Replaced the vanilla revive with A3 Wounding System - AIS Revive script,
with this you can stabilize and give first aid to a fallen players, and
friendly AI will also do the same for you.


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August 10th, 2020


  • Removed AIS Revive system as it was preventing the player from interacting with anything after teamswitch when playing solo.
  • Added couple walls at the base.
  • Added ammo for a couple launchers at the Outpost objective as the launchers didn't have any.
  • Added a few benches in some areas.

All 4 versions Updated:

  • Original mission - (this version i had connected HAS mod to all playable units, as originally only player had ability to call for airsupport. All other versions already had this.)
  • ACE version
  • Respawn version
  • No mods version

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The ISIL Foothold no mods DLC version

was updated to v1.13


Steam workshop, and zip download (google drive)

have been updated on the OP as well:



Steam Workshop


Zip - Google Drive





  • All enemy FIA soldier now wear desert themed uniform, helmet/hat, face wear, vest, backpack, and in some instances weapons.
  • Some enemy soldiers now use different weapons based on their role, as an example FIA snipers now use the MK18 ABR sniper rifles.
  • Various sandbag walls were adjusted on some of the buildings that had them, as they were floating in some spots.
  • A few enemy soldiers had their gear adjusted for better sake of variety in look.
  • Added some new houses to compounds 3 and 4.
  • Added a gate to compound 4.
  • Adjusted the waypoint of the reinforcements, as sometimes one of the vehicles would get stuck on a building enroute.
  • Swapped the Mora for a Pickup truck with hmg for the reinforcements.
  • Updated briefing.

Video playthrough of this version

Note - Only the change to the enemy FIA soldiers, gear, weapons ect,. were changed prior to the

video being recorded, the remaining of the changelog was completed after the video upload

so you wont see anything different in the video other then enemy clothes, gear ect,.


Screenshots for this update




Ps. Took me longer to record, and edit the video then the actual update, 😄

recorded monday morning, spent tues through sat here editing, upload, process, tags, ect,.

a long video, and gameplay but it was alot of fun, cheers!

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Just finished giving the 'Respawns' version a go. Good stuff. I enjoyed the variety in the approach that I could take to accomplishing the mission, and consequently I see a lot of replayability value in the mission. Moreover, it was simply fun to play through. I wasn't able to accomplish all the tasks before I ran out of respawns (SP team switching), but it was proper fun all the same. Thanks for making this. 

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8 hours ago, connorwarman said:

Just finished giving the 'Respawns' version a go.


8 hours ago, connorwarman said:

I wasn't able to accomplish all the tasks before I ran out of respawns (SP team switching)

Hey Connorwarman, thanks for checking out my mission, as per your quote here i dont think you played the respawn version as with the respawn version

the mission is set as a base respawn so you will respawn at the base at the end of the ramp in the helicopter yard, there is no limit or team switching in this version.

   The other three versions have a limit of 6 lives as i call it basically if you play solo and get killed somehow, you will switch into the next available unit which

is at the base where you start, mission will end if all lives are used up, obviously its a coop mission and there is revive for when you do play coop.


So you must have chosen one of the other versions where you had limited lives, as testing the respawn version atm in mp lan i had pressed escape

and respawned 10 times without issues, the vehicles placed their also respawn.

Basically all 4 versions are the same setup, layout, enemies, tasks, everything is the same except, ace has some ace stuff in it along with medical option,

and respawn you actually respawn but the 3 you have limited lives.


I did notice though and im not sure what happened or exactly how i need to fix this but when choosing the the v1.13 version which is both the no mods, and respawn version

they seem to share the same pic on the mp lan mission choice screen, you know where you pick the map and then the mission for the map, maybe thats what you did?

As the no mods version is the same mission as the original but just requires the map, and the enemy uses vanilla assets instead.

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Gotcha, I was playing in SP when I should have been playing in MP to ensure the respawn functionality worked as intended. 


Thanks for letting me know.

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Steam workshop - New CUP version




November 2nd, 2020


- Created new CUP version of the mission.

- Added Littelbird helicopter to FOB. (added to respawn version)
- Added Blackhawk helicopter to FOB. (added to respawn version)
- Added several new buildings to a few of the compounds.
- Added street lamps to a few of the compounds for night missions.
- Adjusted the height of a wall at the FOB as it was floating.
- Removed the wall in front of the FOB as it was blocking the static mg's view of the field.
- Added a gate to compound 4.
- Added grasscutter to the helicopter area of the FOB to clear it up a bit.
- Added intro script.


All versions were updated to their new versions, changelog reflects all and some parts of what was done on them.


New CUP version of the mission

all enemies, weapons, vehicles have been replaced by CUP, as well as some other misc things as per changelog.

Screenshots dont really show the CUP to well but it gives a general idea, also the night time screens, just is showing that you can play the mission at night.

The quality of the screenshots are crap imo, my game dont look like that, so steam with its crap downgrade on the quality,

my gpu is a Nvidia GTX 1080 to give you an idea.


Screenshots - CUP




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All 5 versions updated - Workshop, zip file, & Armaholic soon to post their update.

All versions are now made the same version as they are all the same build in terms of what was done on them.



November 9th, 2020


- Removed the AI medic from the ace version as it did not work with ace medical.
- Removed the bunker for the east mgnest, as the mg would tip over when it turned.
- Fixed wording with intro script, now it reflects the version.
- Added gate to compound 2.
- Extended a wall and added a gate to a house in compound 4.
- Updated all the vehicles of the enemy to better reflect a desert theme - (all but the no mods version as that version was done in a prior update).
- Added a few grass cutter objects in certain spots to clear the grass for access.
- Built another compound, now there is a 6th compound adding to a total of 19 objective/tasks to complete.
- Opened the wall entry on compound 5 as it is a doorway, ai prior would walk through it.
- Added minefield module to the outskirts of the whole AO compound perimeter, watch your step!
- Updated the briefing to reflect the number of objective/tasks as before it was wrong.
- Misc building, object adjustments.



Just to note, i had to update the description for the custom placed objects as previously it said 50

well ... i was wrong and checked exactly what i had placed since 2018 when i first started working on this, and

each version has about 1,080 placed objects, building, ect,. give or take some. 😉


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Another update for my mission, all 5 versions updated to the latest.

I had an issue with the mission, and that was when you were at the base and went to recruit AI, they AI would get stuck where they were, wouldn't get on the heli's there

wouldn't go outside the gate, wouldn't get into vehicles, and or listen to your command, well this has been plaguing me for the past 4 versions, and i figured it out.

The issue was the grass cutter nodes i put down in the helicopter area, some reason it screws up AI pathing, well i deleted them all, and the AI respond now!

The rest is new additions and changes, cheers!



- Removed Grass cutter from the helicopter area at the base as it prevented any recruited AI from moving anywhere including boarding helicopters, vehicles,

and moving outside the closed in area, most times they would not respond to any command, now fixed!


- Updated intro text.
- Updated the mines module which will spawn more mines in the minefields, as there was very little before.
- Added another patrolling squad (Fireteam) that consist of about 5 soldier that will patrol the compound AO, this replaces the Truck with MG.

- Removed the Truck with MG as reported many times it would attack players base if player flew in with heli as it would track the heli back to base.

- Added a 7th compound.
- Added a defensive AT launcher that is a new task/objective.


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v1.20 is here!


1.20 means the mission has been updated 20 times!


All 5 versions updated

Added credits

i want to thank the following members for replying, providing feedback, and code for a part of this:

  • fawlty
  • Harzach
  • froggyluv
  • pierremgi
  • Play3r
  • ZaellixA
  • Kalle M.


November 30th, 2020


- Removed the tasks for the following:
MG Nest parameters
AT Launcher defense
   These were optional targets and not required to complete and end the mission, nor were they the main focus of the mission's objectives, they were

rather set as deterrents and defensive measures of the enemy.


- Removed the markers on the map giving the player a rough idea of where the mg nests and launchers were,
i'd rather the player discover and learn to think on their feet, recon and discover how to get past obstacles then have their hand held and be told where

something is so they dont have to do anything but kill the target.


- Added red triangles markers on the map for the areas that are mined, so read the briefing under enemy assets!
- Added another mgnest to the compounds AO parameter.
- Changed 1 rifleman for each roaming enemy patrol squad to an AT soldier.
- Added Ammo truck to FOB as there wasn't one (only for those versions that didn't have one).
- Added new Task/objective - rescue scientist and rtb back to base to complete task.
- Updated HAS module with setting forced decent, this aids in everyone disembarking.
- Replaced gates front and rear of FOB with a larger gate allowing vehicles more room to enter/exit.
- Removed the assigned task for each task as i want the player to choose what task they wish to do.
- Added bunker to the right of gate of FOB and moving the static 50cal to it.
- Added helicopter wreck for rescue heli scientist task.
- Added an area close to the FOB to deliver the rescued scientist to which will complete the task.
- Added the option to change your view distance, and grass height in the mp parameters.
- Updated briefing to reflect changes.


Misc notes -

Want to say that alot more coding, research, testing, and help from those listed help me make this update possible,

this update was about 2 weeks in the making.


     Tactical notes - how the mission plays

While the mission isn't impossible, it is harder now then before, heres some of the reasons as to what makes this mission challenging:

  1. You have alot of enemy your up against, most are infantry, some statics.
  2. The enemy is up on a hill somewhat, so they have a clear view of anything for about 700+ coming their way and this is from the NW edge of the AO to the SE edge.
  3. Static mgs protect the borders, along with minefields in front of them, along with a AT launcher overwatching them, behind that is vehicle based statics along with antiair.
  4. Infantry patrols maintain the grounds, most of the enemy infantry is garrisoned in and on all the 7 compounds so CQB/MOUT know how is a must at least the basics.
  5. Flying into the AO via heli is almost suicide at least directly it is, fly to the outskirts of the AO and make your way in if you need to fly, i warned you!
  6. Driving in, you'll have a 70-30% chance of surviving, that all depends, if you stop, theres a good chance you will get blown up by either infantry AT, or an AT launcher or just be shot up by the mg statics, keep moving or out of site.
  7. All the task/objectives can only be found on the map itself as they are marked, i dont have the task module set to where they are positioned, to me it takes the fun out of actually exploring, recon, and using one's brain.
  8. You have a limit of 6 lives, start with 1, and if you die, you automatically teamswitch to the next one, lose all 6 ... its mission over, unless your in coop with friends then they can revive you so, it depends, i prefer the limits, makes you think.

Its challenging, not impossible and its alot of fun and has alot of replayability if you do it right.


What type of player is this mission meant for?

I designed it for those with already experience and background in Arma, preferably average to advanced, expert skilled players of the game.

This is not to say a beginner to the game with no arma background or experience cant play it and get somewhere, but i would highly recommend if your

a first timer in the game that you coop it with someone.


What style of play is this meant for?

The mission is imo ideally meant for the specops/sniper/seal team/assassin type character player

thats not to say you cant go in as a team of 6 guys as marines, rangers, army or what have you but just a warning, as soon as you enter the killzone area of the border, a mine detector

and some cover along with a sniper rifle might be the only way your going to get into the enemies AO.

    Once you do then your tactics will go from MOUT to CQB, so certain tactics and use of your assets can play a part to give you an advantage or at least propel your accomplishments faster.

If your in coop it can work well if your all working as a team, communicating and have a good idea of what your doing when it comes to tactics.


This is the type of mission where you have to pick your battles, theres nothing in order, its up to you how you want to go about accomplishing the tasks,

its meant for the thinking man on his feet.

A modo i play by  is "Take in the scenery" observe, recon, get a feel for where everything is at, check your corners, windows, doors, rooftops, check and check again before you move.

On the OP page there is some of my Tactical tips for the mission, its also in the briefing while your ingame, please take note and heed them.


Alright guys, thats the update, any questions, problems let me know, have fun. Cheers!


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December 26th, 2020


- Fixed - Tasks for compounds 5 and 6 were not completing once the compound was cleared.
- Fixed - Cup version was missing helicopter crash which is part of the story on how the scientist
 was shot down and then captured.
- Fixed - Missing marker for the mgnests at compound 5.
- Removed view distance parameter.

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