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awesome-o HUD (work-in-progress)

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couldn't find another name at the moment :]

this is a project I've been experimenting on since I started A3 scripting.

Old Bad company2 had a great player HUD, one of my favorite FPS. This will build up to (hopefully) that category for A3.


  • will be open-source add on
  • A global "feed" so to say, which will pop-up on every client.
  • CBA is not implemented yet. but I'm planning to have wide variety of options such as colorblind mode, being able to select feed with pictures or weapon name, fully custom positioning from LAYOUT options so individual can drag-drop and decide which position this feeder will be.
  • A second 'feed' will be popping in only for the instigator: It will be center of screen and going to have small hints about the shot such as headshot and score.
  • another thing will be for instigator-less kills such as falling from heights or blowing yourself up with your own grenade. I remember from quake3 when I was a kid, there were many fun console msgs like "playerX cratered" for falling from heights and dying. it will have randomized strings for each stupid suicide event just for the kicks.


will be updating here as soon as I setup github so you can see-contribute development.


stay tuned.




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