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Script \Path\file.sqf\ not found (config.cpp)

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Hello everyone, I'm creating an interactive mode with the ARMA3 editor.

The problem is that since I've encountered an error innexplicable.
When I test my mod. the files containing my functions are foolproof according to the error message.

Pourrant I am on the way and I tried several.
Could you help me please ?

Additional information below





class CfgFunctions
	class hds
		class hds_tactiques_modules_functions
			file = "\hds_tactiques\les_fonctions_modules";
			class module_tactiques_init{};
			class module_tactiques_plannifications{};
		class hds_tactiques_functions
			file = "\hds_tactiques\les_fonctions";
			class tactiques_init{};
			class tactiques_plannifications{};
			class tactiques_applications{};
			class tactiques_helicoptere_attaque{};
			class tactiques_insertion_air_defense{};
			class tactiques_infanterie_attaque{};
			class tactiques_renfort_mecaniser{};

Go start mission


Error : Script \hds_tactiques\les_fonctions_modules\fn_module_tactiques_plannifications.sqf not found


Help plz

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