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So I'm sure it's been talked about before, but wow the looting is TOUGH. Especially inside military tents, you have to stand in the opening of the tent and get the correct angle to loot whatever is in the tent. Spent a good few solid minutes trying to grab some chemicals I really needed yesterday. Real frustrating when I'm trying not to stand in the open for too long and when I'm trying to loot fast. Which it's hard to loot fast because almost every piece or furniture you can loot, you have to have some weird angle to even have it read that you're looking at it. I got this game preview since the beginning and I thought the old looting system was perfectly fine. Jumped on after being off for a few months and very frustrated with the new looting. I'll still keep playing especially because I like getting in the game with the same few people since its just a small community right now. But you either need to make the looting hit box much bigger or revert it back. Thanks for listening! 

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Hello there, and thank you so much for your feedback!
We hear you and we are also currently working on improving the interactions.

There is a Minor Update coming your way, as well many changes that will accompany the full release of the game. 
I think it was also mentioned in one of our latest articles regarding our work in progress (little WIP below):




Read more at: https://vigorgame.com/news

Thank you!

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