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Markers For Teammates

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Markers for Teammates

Me and my friend have played Vigor for a couple days now and one thing is constantly gets in the way of our enjoyment of the game, and that is the fact that there are currently no markers for friendly party members.

This issue has left us with a lot of embarrassing deaths because we have to constantly communicate with each other about where we are, or the all to familiar question we ask, "is that you?" As well as plenty of friendly fire moments where we would shoot either the wrong target, or just be startled and shoot as our gaming instincts would tell us to do with any unmarked players.

I know some would argue that this adds to the overall survival experience, and it does. But I feel that this becomes more of an annoyance rather than adding anything to the gameplay.  Its a small but necessary feature that would take off a large amount of frustration and unfair deaths, as crowns have to be paid for, and thus you cannot have easy access to insurance.

I'd recommend that all friendly teammates would have their specific username over their head, or maybe just a single marker, like an arrow, painted a color that is easy to see in all the mixed environments.

Overall I feel that this is an important small step that has to be addressed, especially when the new updates add random player matchmaking to the game, as this could lead to some very cheap deaths that are easily addressable. I don't think friendly fire in-general is a good system to have, as again, we are going to see random players as teammates in matchmaking lobbies, but the benefit of at least knowing who's your ally and who isn't will give players a fairer chance with the games fast paced and high reaction time required to survive. Its a cruel wasteland out there, but we can make all the difference!

Thank you for reading and feel free to give feedback and suggestions of your own.


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Hello there, and thank you so much for your feedback.

The problem with friendly fire and teammates that are hard to recognize has been brought up in our community multiple times. Originally - we did not want to add markers/nametags above teammates basically because what you mentioned - it increases the tension and improves communication between teammates.

But after a few months with duos available, the complains still do appear so we decided to adapt to the needs of our community - so we are currently working on and testing new markers above teammates. Little WIP screenshot below:

You can find more about our work in progress and plans for the future on our official site: vigorgame.com
WIP according to community feedback: https://vigorgame.com/news/community-feedback-free-weekend
Plans for the future: https://vigorgame.com/news/road-to-full-release

Hope this helped.

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