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Siegfried Backwasch

Problem with gestures

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Hi I have a small Problem with gestures, I made an gesture to show the middle finger, the gesture work so far, i also can walk while doing the gesture, so far so good, but I have some problems.

1. If I ,,start" the gesture while holding a weapon [doesnt matter if its a Rifle or a Pistol] the gesture glitches out  [it kinda mixes the weapon animation with the gesture]

2. If I start the middle finger gesture and then an other animation aswell, they also kinda ,,mix" together

But to explain it a bit easier i made a video, so basically what i need to know is, is there a way, that i can play the gesture without mixing it with other animations?

If you need to see a part of my config just write it down bellow 😘




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