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My opinion and issues of Vigor

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I recently saw this game on the Xbox store so I downloaded the trial to see what it was about. I instantly felt like this could be the next big thing and played the 2 hour trial for the whole 2 hours straight! I then wanted more so I bought the $20 founder pack(not sure if that’s the name), but I got the 1200 crowns but none of the other items included. I believe it said it won’t all come at once but it’s been 2 days and still nothing. Some other problems I've encountered are  disconnection from servers and losing my loadout and crowns from that match. I know it’s not my internet because me and my brother play together and it only disconnects me... I’m not worried about the crown because I know I’ll get them back upon release but it’s hard to get some of the weapons I’ve lost because of this problem! I also believe the guns need a huge fix and that your teammate should at least have their name above them or something. 



I know it’s a work in progress and in my opinion it’s actually a really great game for the stage it’s currently in and every friend I’ve recommended it to really enjoys it too. If you take the community feedback and fix these problems you have a great game on your hands! I also hope to see some new maps. I’ve only played it for the past 3 days so I’m not sure how the maps work. But I’m really hoping there’s additional maps that get added in the future. Lastly, in the shelter you should be able to see and interact with your duos partner I think it’s kind of dumb(no offense) that you’re on the same team but in two separate lobbies until your encounter loads I’d really enjoy showing my friends my house upgrades to rub in that I’m a higher level than them lol. 


Thanks for reading and I hope you go the right way with this game! 

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Hello there and thank you so much for your feedback.

Regarding your questions -

The Founders Pack Items do not come in a bulk that is correct. By that we mean that you will get them gradually throughout the whole game preview - For now you already have your Crowns, Your Vigor hat (You can find it by changing your outfit - which you do while interacting with the wardrobe in the top floor of your shelter) and you also have your exclusive Dusting Hands gesture. The Vigor Shirt is currently a work in progress so you will get it before the game preview ends for sure.

If the disconnection was really caused on our side and you were disconnected from our back-end servers. You should be able to get both the loot and loadout back once you start the game again. - They will automatically appear back in your shelter. If this is not the case we will make sure to look into it.

We are also working hard on fixing the gunplay so stay tuned for that.

Markers above teammates are something we would love to add to the game. There is even a little work in progress screenshot in one of our latest dev news: https://vigorgame.com/news/community-feedback-free-weekend
We are also working on a new map - you can find a little sneak peek at the same page listed above 😉

Thank you so much for your feedback 🙂


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