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Hello all,


I am pleased to present my second attempt at making a map - Ypres 1917. 



  • The map is a WW1-based terrain set during the Third Battle of Ypres, 31st July-10 November 1917, also known as the Battle of Passchendaele although the heightmap and satellite are randomly generated/custom made.
  • For this reason, the Arma 3 WW1 mod is highly recommended. When the map is released in full it is possible that it will also become integrated into that mod, but for now any earlier version will be independently released.


  • Map Size - 2km by 2km. 
  • The map features over 2.5km of trenches, both front line and communication trenches.
  • Various underground bunkers/ dressing stations.
  • The map features transitions from a small rear area, untouched by war, into the front line and no man's land. There is an airfield behind the lines in this area.
  • Several fortified strong points along the front line, including a ridge with several pillboxes and outposts as well as a sector of the trench that is integrated into the ruins of a village.
  • Different types of sectors along the front line. Because of the size of the map, a single, unbroken continuous trench line would be boring to make and play on. Instead, I've tried to add some variety to the terrain in different parts. One sector of the front line is flooded partially and composed of multiple outposts or fortified shellholes. Another sector features several separated but mutually supporting slit trenches in a forest. The fairly small gaps between different sectors are covered by barbed wire and pillboxes etc.
  • A few artillery positions/emplacements.
  • 2 half-destroyed towns.
  • No man's land - ranges between 300-100m between the opposing trenches. Covered with shell-holes with varying depths that offer cover.


  • One of the main issues about making a WW1 map is the Arma 3 AI. The AI aren't really capable of moving within the longer lines of trenches, but I've altered the map in some areas to improve AI playability.
  • Some parts of the trenches are separated for 5-10m which allows the AI to pass through the front line into the rear, or likewise to pass through trenches on the way to attack. At some point I am going to add some better sheltered forming-up positions which will allow the AI to attack or reinforce with ease, making it possible for them to gather for an attack but out of sight of the opposing trench. 
  • The AI can't really enter or jump into the opposing trench line unless there are gaps, but they will attack it and stand on the parapet,letting them shoot into the trench. They are however capable of defending trenches pretty easily, and quite effectively, as they just need to be placed on the fire-steps. 
  • The AI perform much better around the less complex slit-trenches, which they sometimes are capable of entering/moving around.
  • The shorter the distance between waypoints the better. Sometimes the AI will try to avoid passing through trenches completely and will detour huge distances to get to a waypoint behind the front line. However, this can be avoided if waypoints are placed close to each other.
  • I highly recommend VCOM AI for attacking AI, although it should be disabled on defending AI to prevent them moving and glitching through the trench models.
  • Gameplay - The map requires some skill/planning to attack an opposing trench. E.g. A frontal mass infantry assault in daylight without artillery will fail. However, in order to pull off a successful attack it's necessary to carefully use smoke and artillery, and make use of the cover in shell holes. Anyone willing to playtest the map is welcome.
  • The mod uses assets from IFA3 as well as the WW1 mod, so both are required.

To-do list / problems

  • Add more reserve lines of trenches. This should allow for scenarios with multiple stages of attack.
  • Polish the map and tidy up some of the messier sectors of trenches. 
  • Add more textures to the map.
  • The current satellite image is provisional, and might be changed.
  • Add more cover to no man's land in the form of craters, debris etc.
  • Make the map in general, but specifically the trenches more easy for AI to use











Any feedback is welcome.

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With the right weather settings, especially some low lying volumetric fog, will make for some atmospheric missions.

Good luck with the project.

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some arty nest test :




Thank you again for you incredible map CptAwe !!

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