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I Need a Training Mission

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And I don't mean the useless bootcamp missions where you can't do jack shit without it declaring you AWOL, where you can't leave the goddamn range without having your weapon stolen by teleportation. I mean a mission where I have access to a wide variety of firearms, civilians and targets which I can practice on under a no-pressure situation until I actually have the mechanics of the different guns down. I am not interested in playing the campaign game until I am actually good enough to competently use the equipment I will need to, I do not like replaying missions or losing because I have no idea how the equipment will behave. The campaign is already dumb enough with all this Private Lone Wolf crap without adding his apparent total lack of training on top of it.


Also, I want a way to unlock all of the equipment for my personal use and the Armory, I am not interested in treating it like some kind of X-Box achievement, I paid for the game I want access to all the guns already.

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