vDog Patrol and vDog Feral Scripts version 1.8 "FASTEST DOGS IN ARMA 3" RELEASED! (05/06/20)   - MAIN FEATURE: JBOY Animal Move (faster animals) incorporated into the vDog scripts! Special thanks to @johnnyboy for making yet another  and a final update possible!    A final extensive script rewrite to accommodate the JBOY Runner Agents with the following changelog highlights:   1) Dogs are now up to three times faster than before!
2) Dogs will now most definitively not go through walls and obstacles in most circumstances other than when getting unstuck from objects.
3) Now the movements of the Dogs, specially the Feral Dogs, are more erratic and evasive, making it harder to kill them.
4) Patrol Dogs' attack distance increased ~25% to accommodate for their faster speeds.
5) There is a small chance now for the Dogs, specially Feral Dogs, to make their targets drop some equipment when attacked!
6) Added yet another 4 more sounds to the Dogs including new calm dogs sounds for when no action is happening.
7) The performance impact of these new features is minimal in contrast to the added benefits.
8.) Fixed the "Heal Dog" not being removed from players once their dog was dead.
9) Prevented the spamming of dog sounds (Now each dog can only play one sound every 5 seconds).
10) Added a check so that Dogs don't move into water so easily.
11) Fixed Dog orders sound spam!   Note: Unless there are bugs to fix, this script is considered FEATURE COMPLETE and will not be updated unless necessary. I would like to thank everyone involved in the project from the testers to the Arma 3 gurus and kind souls who helped along the way.   DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Mi0QfaMqWHaKsJRTEm20gF9aJvOZ8EKf   PS: This script is now by both Valmont and JohnnyBoy! It would be impossible for me not to give him co-ownership after all the resources he has given and all of JBOY Dog's code that the vDogs now use!
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