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Auto Eject out of burning wreck

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Hi All, 


Ive found myself needing this quite alot, this involces ACE3 also.

When a vehicle such as a heli crashes and explodes into a burning fire ball, the occupants are trapped inside and go into the ace downed state. They are then stuck in the vehicle indefinitely and the only way from there is respawn. 

What i want to happen is all units (Players) eject from said vehicle when it explodes so they can be revived. 


I have tried survivable crashes, however that seems to bug out ACE and just makes everyone insta die.


Thanks in advance,



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Hello there Maj.Boggie !


I don't know about ace , but you should post first a question, ( if you haven't already ) in their topic first.


Try this :


Name a vehicle ( helicoper )  G1


and add this in your initSever.sqf

GF_Eject = {
	_this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {0.80}];
	{_x allowdamage false;}foreach units _this;
	waitUntil {uisleep 1; 
		(isTouchingGround _this or (position _this select 2) < 1) 
		&& ((damage _this) >= 0.80)
		{_x allowdamage true;}foreach units _this;
		unassignvehicle _x;
		_x action ["Eject", vehicle _x];
		}foreach units _this;
		waitUntil {uisleep 3; 
		{alive _x}count crew vehicle _this isEqualto 0;
		_this removeEventHandler["HandleDamage",0];

G1 spawn GF_Eject;


Tell me if it's working , in order to make this working with,  all your vehicles and the spawned ones.

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