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New Player, Can't Qualify with the M16

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UPDATE/RESOLVED: I figured out that the over-the-top blur was being created by Depth of Field. No way to disable it individually, so I had to turn all postprocessing effects to Low. Now that I can actually SEE my sights there is no problem. Can't understand why DoF is so extreme, and the way it works on the gunsights is simply not realistic.


I have not been PC gaming very much the last few years, but have a long-time association with the usual tactical shooter titles. I recently got ARMA and went to the shooting range. I am having difficulty qualifying. Part of it is probably my lack of practice, part of it may be that my mouse setup is not as precise as it could be. But the biggest problem is that I can't see the damn sights on the M16 when I aim down them. They blend in totally with the background, which also means they obscure the target. I can't even tell whether or not I'm covering the target because the blurry, gray-brown sites are indistinguishable from the background. Combine that with the range of some of the shots and I can not actually aim it. I do better just using the reticule/non-zoom because at least I can see the white lines that make it up. Judging by just the initial mission I am going to have to immediately get a mod to make weapon sights more visible or I will not be able to enjoy playing this game.


Maybe those crappy, invisible sights are 'realistic' in the sense that the army actually uses them, but I do not have poor vision or color problems and I simply cannot make them out unless they are directly over a contrasting color (the sky, for example). Never had that kind of trouble with a rifle in real life.


The problem is not not being able to get it on target, it's being able to tell what the Hell I am actually aiming at and what is actually the sights or not.

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