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Improved game hosting

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Lately I've been playing some Arma 3 and when hosting a game notices an issue. I start hosting and everything seams ok on my end my friends can start joining my server vie steam invite but can not join. Apparently I can't host games due to what I understand is a Strict NAT. I tried solving this issue but at least here in Poland one needs to pay extra their internet provider or use Hamachi. So my question is do I understand this matter correctly and is there another perhaps better solution than Hamachi? How is it that other games get around this? Apparently I can host other games such as stellaris, hearts of iron 4, ghost recon wildlands, monster hunter world and some more. Where can I suggest such a feature?

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1. Log into your router( try to find if you can enable UPnP
2. If yes, while setting up server select UPNP


If provider is blocking it... change provider lol

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