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We are a bit new to Arma scripting and could use some pointers:


My friend and I are working on an Escape like mission and we are wondering:


- Is it possible to write a script that for each town/village the Civilian presence and  BLUFOR Site module are generated when Independent players get within e.g. 1000m of that town/village?


My plan (not sure it's the right one):


- In Eden set out the modules with variable name defined


- make triggerSpawnScript.sqf --> write å script that applies a trigger area to each town/village that is activated when Independent is within 1000m of citycenter an executes the moduleSpawnScript.sqf below 


- make moduleSpawnScript.sqf --> write  some code that looks like this:  forEach town apply  "module variable name" call ["CityCenter"] BIS_fnc_locations 


-  Do all customFiles.sqf have to be executed via the init.sqf file? 


Are we on correct path? or way off?


thank you

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Wouldn't it be better to have placed triggers run a single script that spawns the modules at the location?


What's the purpose of using BIS_fnc_locations?  Do those modules even use it?  I do know using "CityCenter" with BIS_fnc_Locations is rather disappointing.

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